Saturday, July 12, 2008

Philadelphia Eagles: Quiet is Good

As an Eagles fan the quiet surrounding the Eagles over the past few weeks has been maddening. Luckily the start of training camp is now only single digit days away! I can't read another supposed expert predict the NFC East.

On the flip side, the quiet surrounding the Eagles is a good thing. An off-season of controversy and drama has for the most part passed the Eagles by. Yes there is the Sheppard situation, but all signs point to Sheppard being at training camp and with the Eagles this year. Scott Young, well I hear that he is still M.I.A.

The Eagles have avoided players being arrested and going to jail, players threatening to boycott the season unless a new contract is received or their trade demands are met, or players going in and out of retirement.

Yes there are still many questions in need of answers from the Eagles (McNabb's health, the youth of the linebackers, quality at the WR position), but distractions are low and team morale and chemistry should be high.

The Eagles can focus on playing football and building on last year's strong finish to the season. Let's hope this all leads to the Eagles getting off to a strong start this season...for a change.

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