Thursday, July 31, 2008

Philadelphia Eagles: They're Going to Blow

As an Eagles fan you have to find some humor with the Packers supposedly offering Brett Favre $20 million to NOT play football. Westbrook, Sheppard, and Andrews (if the latest reports are in fact true) can't get the Eagles to pay them enough to play! (Though on the flip side the Packers are being just as stingy with money in contracts talks with RB Ryan Grant.)

Mark Friday, August 8, 2008 on your calendar. The 8th is the preseason opener for the Eagles. I also think the 8th will be the day when all this contract drama blows up on the Eagles.

Would you be surprised if Westbrook and Sheppard refused to play in the game without new contracts? The idea has already been raised during a recent Westbrook press conference. Can you blame either player if they refused to play? Why risk injury and destroy any leverage for a new contract.

And if one of the players does skip the game, just imagine the circus like atmosphere that will engulf the Eagles for the final month of camp. Who would break first, the star RB or the Banner boys?

Will Shawn Andrews report to the team by then? If he is does report, how will his teammates respond? If John Runyan is in the majority then it looks like Andrews could have a serious problem on his hands. And if Andrews does report, would Reid consider benching his top offensive lineman?

Most teams mark the regular season opener as the day the excitement begins. For Eagle fans it looks like the excitement will begin about a month early this year.

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