Saturday, July 26, 2008

Philadelphia Media - STOP The Negativity!

It could just me be, but I doubt it. Are certain Philadelphia media outlets becoming increasingly too negative in their reporting?

I am speaking mainly of the Daily News / Inquirer and also 610 WIP. I understand that writing or reporting requires a nice mix of the facts and opinion. The opinion aspect gives the story a unique flavor, grabs the attention of the reader.

Maybe I have been ignorant in the past and just missed the negativity. But recent coverage of the Phillies and Eagles has a constant negative theme running through most stories.

Articles tend to focus only on the negative of the Eagles. Articles are bashing players, focusing on the negatives of the team, how the team has zero shot to make a serious championship run.

I am not saying that the newspapers need to go all "Dave Spadaro" on us. Too much positive can also be a turn off. But a nice mixture between positive and negative would be nice. It is possible to critique a team or player without slamming the issue with negative garbage.

People say that the fans are losing their buzz about the Eagles. Gee, I wonder why?

And there is no one who is a bigger buzz killer than 610. It has come to the point that I can no longer listen to the morning show or late afternoon show. Within a minute of putting on the station I am greeted with this coach is an idiot, this player sucks, this team is a disgrace. Check the mirror, I think you are the freakin idiot!

A Phillies or Eagles game could be filled with highlights, instead the radio crew will focus only on the negative. And god forbid you don't agree with the opinion of the host. You are instantly called an idiot and hung up on.

We as fans know our team's shortcomings, we aren't idiots. We know its been 25 years since the city's last championship. Please stop dwelling on it. How how about getting us pumped for the turnaround, get the buzz back in the city. Negadelphia is not the name of our city!


colonel said...

I agree with what you say about the WIP Morning Show, but listening to Howard in the afternoon, you would think Andy and McNabb and a few other Eagles could do no wrong. No matter what, Andy knows best.

Anonymous said...

950 espn kids...