Friday, July 25, 2008

Philadelphia: Things Could Always Be Worse

Though lately it seems everyday brings about a new issue with the Phillies and Eagles, things could always be worse my fellow Philadelphians.

A recent trip to Atlanta and a conversation with a local taxi driver changed my outlook on the Philadelphia sports scene.

Atlanta has probably the WORST team in the entire NFL. Last year the Falcons suffered through a miserable season that was highlighted by the Vick fiasco and their head coach quitting on them mid-season! The Eagles despite a mediocre 2007 campaign, have some nice pieces in place for a likely return to the playoffs. And once you get to the playoffs the Giants proved anything is possible.

Atlanta has a floundering baseball team. The Braves used to be the measuring stick for the NL East, but not anymore! The team has been beset with injuries and 2008 looks like a lost season. The Phillies, despite their recent struggles, are the reigning NL East champions and in position for a repeat performance in 2008. Never hurts that the last two NL MVPs reside with the Phillies too!

The Hawks showed some promise last season, but now are a team in flux. Will their star PF Josh Smith return? The Hawks have already lost Childress to a Greek club! The Sixers recently signed the premier free agent on the market in Elton Brand. The Sixers finished the season with one of the league's best second half records and have a nice young nucleus to build around as they make their climb to the upper echelon of the East.

The Thrashers posted the second worst record in the entire Eastern Conference last year. The Flyers rebounded from a disappointing 2006-07 season by making it all the way to the Eastern Conference Finals this past season. Like the Sixers, the Flyers are built to contend for many years to come.

And we can't forget about the Soul who will be battling this Sunday in the Arena Bowl!

So Philadelphia, things could always be worse. Cities like Atlanta would love to have our problems!


Anonymous said...

Still no championships, though in 25 years.

colonel said...

25 years and still counting and hoping!!

MS69 said...

What you cab driver buddy didnt mention is that no one in Atlanta gives a shit about any of their teams. Maybe the Falcons when winning. Atlanta is a shit sports town and trying to compare it to here is dumb.