Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Remembering Joe Jurevicius

It is a slow day for NFL news. One of the few reports is that Browns WR Joe Jurevicius underwent his second knee surgery on Monday.

To an Eagles fan the surgery is not noteworthy. With the Browns on this year's schedule, an Eagles fan would prefer that Braylon Edwards was undergoing a second knee surgery. But just seeing Jurevicius' name brings back painful memories of the 2002 NFC Championship Game against Tampa Bay. The final game at Veterans Stadium.

When you think of Jurevicius you then think of Blaine Bishop, the Eagles strong safety that season.

You can still picture Bishop getting beat on a sideline route by Jurevicius and the Eagle defenders chasing Jurevicius on his way to a 69 yard touchdown. Without that catch the Bucs wouldn't have gained the momentum they did, and the Eagles might have won that game.

Blaine Bishop and Joe Jurevicius, two names that will forever be part of Eagles history.

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Unknown said...

Don't forget the two amazing touchdown catches in the first game in the new stadium the following season.