Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Scared To Even Look

Does anyone else hesitate to check the Eagles website throughout the day?

I cringe that the next click on the mouse is going to bring devasting news of an injury to one of the Eagles' top players. It's only week one and we are already seeing the injuries beginning to mount on the Eagles.

Thankfully none of the injuries seem to be season enders. A strain of the hamstring for Samuel, a tweak of the hamstring for Jackson, and a wrist injury for Abiamiri. The injury to Abiamiri is the worst of the bunch. Thankfully there is some good depth at the DE position (though 2nd and 5th round picks to bring Jason taylor aboard would of made me feel a lot more comfortable!)

As fans we understand that injuries are a part of the game. But it just sucks to have an entire season change before anything counts. Just look at the rash of injuries that hit the Redskins in first days of camp.

Good call by Reid on giving extra rest to the 30+ year old veterans. Every extra little precaution helps in getting the players to the starting line healthy.

And don't even get me started on the preseason games. Are you kidding me, 4 preseason games. Outside of teams being able to suck money from season ticket holders what is the point! With each meaningless play the teams are rolling the dice on their season. One unforgiving hit or misstep and the entire season could be lost. Super Bowl contenders to super nothings.

And there are still 40 more days of this to get through. Go figure that there would be something more scary than a Dave Spadaro article on the Eagles site!

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