Monday, July 21, 2008

Show Westbrook The Money

By Justin Harlan - Brian Westbrook and his new agent are reportedly looking for a contract worth a guaranteed $30 million per WIP's Anthony Gargano. Gargano noted on Good Day Philadelphia that the Eagles are in negotiations with Westbrook, but have only offered $15 million.

Westbrook is the best offensive player on the Eagles and perhaps the most dangerous offensive weapon in the league, but at nearly 29 years old is it a legitimate request to ask for more than LT got at 25 with 3 straight 1000+ yard rushing seasons under his belt?

Business and football can be friends and enemies, but the fans will be the ones who suffer most. Let's all hope that both sides can figure this out. Discussions of a mid-season extension seem to me the most fair and logical thing. But since when are players or front offices fair and/or logical?

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