Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Andy Reid Era: Pass Happy Without A Pass Catcher

As an Eagles fan we know that Andy Reid has a fascination with the pass. The man has yet to find a down that is not perfect for a passing play.

3rd and inches, lets run it. First and goal at the one, lets run it.

In the nine years that Reid has been Head Coach of the Eagles the team has thrown the ball 4,891 times. Over that same span the Eagles have run the ball 3,717 times.

During Reid's tenure the Eagles had 47 players named to the Pro Bowl.

What is amazing is that with all those pass attempts and all those Pro Bowl appearances, the Eagles have sent ONLY 1 Wide Receiver (Terrell Owens) to the Pro Bowl. ONE! And that one year was the year the Eagles went to the Super Bowl.

So it blows my mind why a man that loves the pass doesn't emphasize quality wide receivers more. McNabb we feel your pain.

I am tired of Reid saying season after season that is is happy with his wide receivers! For the Eagles to be successful in Reid's offense a dominant receiver is a necessity.

2008 is yet another season that the Eagles will be without a dominant, true number one receiver.

As Reid's track record shows we can expect another year of a pass happy offense. If that is the case, we can expect another season without a championship.

McNabb we feel your frustration. Kolb your turn is next!

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