Friday, July 25, 2008

Trading Shawn Andrews - Bad Idea!!

So the latest rumor surrounding the Eagles had them exploring the option of trading Shawn Andrews. For who and to where is unknown. When Reid was asked if he expects to see Andrews in camp, he responded "I have no idea."

As we fans and it appears the Eagles too try to find out exactly what is keeping Andrews away from camp, here is once piece of advice: DO NOT TRADE HIM! The Eagles must get this issued resolved ASAP!

As we all know one of the main keys to the Eagles finding success in 2008 is keeping Donovan McNabb upright. To achieve this goal the Eagles need Andrews anchoring the offensive line. Yes Runyan and Thomas are good, but the only true star of the bunch is Andrews. Andrews is consistently rated as one of the top guards in the league. His multiple Pro Bowl appearances prove the ratings to be correct.

In 2007 with Andrews the offensive line still allowed 49 sacks (28th Ranked in the NFL). Kiss Donovan's health goodbye without Andrews. Everyone ready for Kolb? What are the Eagles going to replace Andrews with Max Jean-Gilles or Winston Justice? Please, they couldn't even beat out Todd Herremans!

So lets all hope that these rumors are false. The Eagles need Andrews. Oh yea, we need a happy Westbrook too. Man that Eagles have a lot of issues!

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