Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Unbeatable Eagles? Just ask McNabb.

"We beat the Cowboys last year, and we should have beaten them in the first game," McNabb said. "The Redskins, we should have beaten them the first time. The Giants, we should have beaten them both times."

Finishing 8-8 last year must have been a HUGE, catastrophic letdown for McNabb! In his head the Eagles were challenging for a perfect record.

With one quote, McNabb has provided bulletin board material for all three opposing NFC East teams.

We love the confidence #5, but maybe you could turn it down a bit? Let's get that first win under our belts before we start yapping.

One cannot forget that the Eagles did finish in the division basement last year. The Cowboys posted the conference's best regular season record, while the Giants claimed the Lombardi Trophy. Who really knows if players buy into the whole bulletin board material thing, but why chance it.

Let's stay healthy, starting putting some W's on the board, and then maybe we can start talking about winning every game in the division. We love you Donovan, but shhhh!

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