Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Unsolved Mysteries...The Shawn Andrews Case

Another practice, another day of fines for Shawn Andrews. Where is this guy?

Andrews failed to show-up for the start of Eagles training camp last Thursday night and reports have him being fined $15,000 per day by the Eagles for his absence.

The Eagles official statement regarding Andrews is that "Shawn is not in camp for personal reasons but his absence is not excused."

Andrews has also released a message of his own saying that his reasons for not being there are not contractual. He added that he's working on the issue, but when asked if he'd be back soon, he responded with "that's tricky."

Andrews missed mini-camp back in June with this same personal reason. What personal issue could linger this long?

McNabb mentions exchanging phone messages with Andrews. Reid mentions that other players have also been in contact with Andrews. What the conversations entail, nobody is saying.

The obscurity of information is allowing all kinds of theories and rumors to surface.

Is Andrews' weight again an issue? Is Andrews suffering from depression? Could the possibility of a failed drug test be a reason for the hold-out? Maybe there is any injury that Andrews is afraid to share with the team? The list goes on and on.

If the personal matter is something depression related we all hope that Andrews seeks the professional help necessary to bring peace back into his life. Football can then take a back seat during recovery.

And honestly when we all heard the news last week that Andrews was going to be a hold-out, we assumed that at this point he would either be in camp or a detailed explanation would be provided. So far both continue to be missing.

We all hope that this issue gets resolved ASAP and a positive ending comes about for the team and especially Andrews. Andrews is top talent and the Eagles need his dominating interior presence to thrive this year.

Max Jean-Gilles has been doing nicely filling in for the absent Andrews, but he is not one of the top three guards in the NFL. Shawn Andrews is.

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