Thursday, July 24, 2008

Westbrook and Sheppard In, Andrews Out

What a kinda forget there was actually practices held today!

The day began with questions surrounding the arrival of Sheppard and Westbrook. The day continued with news of Shawn Andrews being a no-show at camp. The day ended with Westbrook and Sheppard reporting to camp by the 7pm deadline.

So I guess two out of three isn't bad. And it sounds like the third will report soon.

Shawn Andrews was absent from camp. But despite reports that his absence was contract related, new reports have Andrews missing camp for personal reasons. It is also being reported that Andrews' agent has been in contact with Andy Reid regarding the absence. The reports are still unclear if the absence was or was not excused by the team. One drama ends, another begins with these Eagles!

Though the whole Eagles family is together, it is far from a happy family.

I hope Westbrook is rewarded for continuing to put the team first. And even if his contract isn't renegotiated I have zero doubt that Westbrook will continue to give the old 110 percent once he hits the field. And I have zero doubt that the Eagles will continue to take advantage of Westbrook's strong character.

And I am tired of people saying that Westbrook should stop his whining and just honor the contract he signed. Yes he did sign the contract, but aren't NFL teams allowed to break a contract if a player under performs? They simply cut the player and the contract is void. So Westbrook has outperformed his contract so he has every right to ask for a new contract.

Yes Westbrook's current demands are a bit outrageous. But I hope that Eagles can find a compromise. Let's end the drama and get some good will going with this team!

Hey Banner, time to start cleaning this mess up. Stop being a cheap ass!

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