Monday, July 14, 2008

What No One Else Gets Hurt?

Yes I acknowledge that McNabb has a vast injury history. But all reports have McNabb entering training camp at 100 percent. No issues with the shoulder, no issues with the knee.

So I am tired of supposed experts predicting the Eagles to falter in 2008 and giving their reason as the Eagles will crumble with another McNabb injury. Well duh. But can't we say the same thing about any team that is without their starting quarterback?

Why not predict the Eagles record in 2008 based on a healthy McNabb under center? If you do they win 10 games minimum. These same so-called experts are predicting the Cowboys or Giants 2008 record with Romo and Manning starting all 16 games.

What Romo or Manning are immune to injury? Put Brad Johnson or David Carr under center and you get the similar losing record that is being predicted for the Eagles.

Again, you can never put too much stock into these off-season predictions. Who had the Giants winning the Super Bowl last year. But if predictions are going to be made, the same criteria should be applied to all teams.

Manning, Romo, McNabb are all studs and can each lead their team to the top of the NFC East. Johnson, Carr, Kolb under center means a fight to avoid the division basement.

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