Monday, July 28, 2008

The Westbrook Press Conference: What A Shame

I just got finished watching the Brian Westbrook press conference from this afternoon. And not that I was shocked, but it is a damn shame that the majority of the PC centered on Westbrook's contract situation.

Way to go Mr. Banner!

Instead of discussing the greatness of Westbrook and how he will look to duplicate last season's success we are talking about money. Instead of answering questions about the team, the upcoming season, or his play, Westbrook is instead talking about contract extensions and agent meetings.

We have a freaking circus at Lehigh. The media coverage is obsessed with contract negotiations. Today we even had a reporter provide Westbrook with the idea of holding himself out preseason games. Fans are struggling to find news on what actually occurred on the practice field.

Not to beat the idea to death, but today's Westbrook PC is yet another example of Eagles Management killing our Eagles buzz! Fans should be talking about Booker's 60+ yard touchdown run this evening, instead we are again talking about contracts!

Way to go Mr. Banner!

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Anonymous said...

Stop Chris, PLEASE!

Westy needs to shut up and play. the FO is not the problem here, Westbrook is. He signed a contract, he needs to honor it. Period.