Thursday, July 17, 2008

What's The Point Lito?

After a day to take in the whole Sheppard and Rosenhaus situation, the question now is does Sheppard actually think that Rosenhaus will help the situation?

We have seen it time after time with the Eagles and Joe Banner...they are unwilling to budge with contracts. They just don't do it!

And honestly if the Eagles weren't going to renegotiate with Terrell Owens and Drew Rosenhaus, what chance does Sheppeard have? Owens was a stud, the missing piece that got the Eagles over the NFC Championship Game hurdle.

Sheppard isn't even a starter now. He is a third option at a position of great strength for the Eagles. And he rarely ever stays healthy. Not too much leverage Lito.

Why would the Eagles renegotiate when then can keep Sheppard at his current salary, have him play his heart out in 2008 with the hopes that next year brings a trade, and then capitalize on Sheppard's strong 2008 performance to get top value in a trade next year.

Rosenhaus or no Rosenhaus the history of the Eagles shows they won't budge! All we have now is a circus as we approach training camp.

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