Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Who Needs Tickets?

Want season tickets to the Philadelphia Eagles? Well keep waiting.

But if you want to keep waiting, make sure you let the Eagles know you don't mind the wait. is reporting that the Eagles will be sending out notices to fans on the waiting list to confirm contact information in case you actually do become eligible for season tickets. Failure to confirm your information will result in being dropped from the waiting list.

Looks the waiting list for season tickets is about 60,000 deep.

So your odds of getting seasons tickets are about the same as the Eagles reworking the contract of Westbrook or Sheppard, Reid calling a running play on 3rd and inches, Jeffrey Lurie ever firing Reid, or Reid actually saying something of meaning during a press conference.

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Anonymous said...

um (clears throat) I'd just like to say, that, um (clears throat) that we just have to um(clears throat) put our fans in a
(clears throat) better position to, um (clears throat) purchase, um (clears throat) um, season tickets. We'll (clears throat) um, work on that.