Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Andy Knows Best, We Hope

"Maybe it would have been better (earlier), but that's not what it is." [Tony Hunt on his move to Fullback]

As a fan you tend to believe that the Eagles know what they are doing. The current state of the special teams and fullback position tends to infuse some doubt into that belief.

Start with the fullback position. Yesterday we find out that Tony Hunt is now being moved to the FB position. Hunt joins a long list of offseason moves focusing on the FB position. Let's look back:
  • Dan Klecko: A DT signed to play fullback. Failed experiment.
  • Jason Davis: The veteran of the bunch, without ever taking a regular season snap at the FB position. Started as the top FB option, continues to move his way down the depth chart.
  • Luke Lawton: One word. Unimpressive. Has yet to get anywhere near the first team unit.
  • Jed Collins: The current first teamer despite being an undrafted rookie free agent TE. Not a confidence building statement.
  • Tony Hunt: The current experiment. Not good enough to get into the RB rotation, but too soon for the Eagles to admit failure on a 3rd round draft pick.

I'll say it again, whoever would of thought that replacing Thomas Tapeh would prove so difficult? What's next, open tryouts? I hear Mark Wahlberg is between projects!

And what the hell is going on with the special teams. All offseason you heard that Reid was emphasizing improving the ST unit. And then the first 2 preseason games the same slop is put on the field.

The blocking is horrific. Penalties are aplenty. Inexperienced returners can't catch the ball. When a nice return is made, the ball is fumbled. I could go on and on. Reid and company have 2 games left to correct this mess. And the mess needs to be corrected.

Champions excel in all three facets of the game. No even Lurie or McNabb can talk us into believing this ST crap is championship caliber!


Anonymous said...

I believe this blooger just likes to hate on Happy Valley. I still want that jersey.

Anonymous said...

"I hear Mark Wahlberg is between projects"- funny!