Saturday, August 30, 2008

Can't He Just Shut-up?!? And Roster Thoughts.

Who asked for his opinion on McNabb? GO AWAY!

And as we wait for the six o'clock firing bell to ring, some last minute roster thoughts:
  • Wouldn't you rather cut Rocky Boiman, carry 5 LBS, keep McDougle, and carry 7 DEs? What is the value of a veteran LB that can't play!
  • To get to 7 DEs maybe instead keep 2 TEs. Cut Schobel and Wilson. Can't we just bring back Chad Lewis if Smith or Celek gets injured?
  • Or why is everyone so worried if McDougle does or does not get cut? Remember the man has 3 total career sacks. Some years it was bad luck and circumstances, but the success of the 2008 birds will not rise or fall on McDougle sticking around.


justincharlesharlan said...

Cutting McDougle would worry me, because I almost guarantee he's a Giant by Monday, if we do.

chris klinkner said...

Again, people need to stop thinking McDougle is a superstar. Lets the Giants have him if that is the scenario. Even he stays with the Eagles, 5 sacks would be my highest expectation for him.

justincharlesharlan said...

My bet is that we're trying to move him for a conditional 5th or 6th as we type.