Friday, August 1, 2008

Darren Howard, Yep Still Here

Hard to believe but there were actually some healthy defensive ends in practice this week. One of the healthy ends is Darren Howard.

Though it might not make some fans happy, it looks like Howard will be around for at least one more year with the Eagles. The injury to Abiamiri only strengthens his chances of locking down a roster spot. Howard's ability to move between end and tackle also provides him with job security.

Could 2008 be the season that Howard finally delivers for the Eagles and makes good on the lucrative free agent deal he signed with the Eagles prior to the 2006 season? Can Howard return to the player he was while with the Saints when he posted two seasons of 11 sacks? Can he honestly do any worse than the 1 sack he registered in 2007?

If camp reports are accurate and you listen to Howard this might finally be the year.

Howard has commented on being in the best of his career this year. Howard is lighter, while also having more muscle on his frame. He hopes his new physique will give him that extra step and quickness needed to improve and get around offensive lineman. (Per Howard the new physique is also helpful attracting the ladies at the beach!)

Howard is also aware that in seasons past he did not fully take advantage of the opportunities presented to him. This year he claims he is ready and will not waste the opportunities.

Howard, Eagles fans hope you are right. The Eagles need to be able to generate pressure on the QB outside of Trent Cole. Show us fans the Eagles were right in not trading for Jason Taylor. Show us fans we shouldn't be worried with the lose of Victor Abiamiri. Show us fans you are not another Jevon Kearse-type bust.

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