Friday, August 15, 2008

DeSean Jackson and The Defense - Game #2

A win is a win, right? Well in the case of last night's game against the Panthers, probably not. There was some good from Thursday's game, also some bad, but the end result was a W. Being an optimist lets blame the bad on the rain...

  • Was it simply a coincidence that Pam Oliver was the sideline reporter for the Panthers and not the Eagles? I am sure last year's McNabb controversy had nothing to do with that assignment.
  • The Eagles first team defense was much improved from game one. The Panthers' offense went 3 and out on the first drive. The Eagles defense allowed only 4 first half first downs.
  • Andy Reid looks in regular season form with his clock management. A time-out on the 3rd offensive play in a preseason game?!? Calling two timeouts at the end of the first half when you are unable to get the ball back?!?
  • Andy Reid also looks in be in regular season form with his press conference comments on the botched fake field goal. "That was a pretty poor coaching job on my part.” Way to state the obvious big guy!
  • Reggie Brown has to be getting worried about his starting position. Yes at this time he is still the second best WR on the Eagles (not very comforting), but Jackson is creeping up.
  • Speaking of Jackson, it was nice to see him build on his strong first preseason game. 7 catches for 71 yards. McNabb showed confidence in Jackson by going to him repeatedly on third downs. Loved the break-away speed on the deep ball. I am not worried with his few drops.
  • Anyone else get pumped up watching the "Believe in Now" football commercial. Only a few more weeks til kickoff!
  • The special teams unit was again dreadful. Is it the coach, is it the players, it is the system? Whatever it is, it needs to be fixed. I miss the days of John Harbaugh running the special teams.
  • Could of been the rain, but the first half offense took a big step backwards from week one. Zero points in six first half possessions.
  • Who needs training camp practices when you are as good as Samuel? Loved the first quarter pass break-up.
  • Booker and Jackson you have to hold onto the ball on returns. Mahe may not have your moves and explosiveness, but he was sure handed.
  • Wonder if the coaches will still be singing the praises of Max Jean-Gilles after his 4 penalties and missed screen block? Is Andrews healthy yet?
  • Could of been the rain, but Akers again looked like 2007 Akers, missing a 46 yard field goal. Where was this new found length strength we were hearing so much about this off-season?
  • Dawkins had a nice, ball separating hit (jacked up!) in the end zone, but to me he is looking a step or two slow this preseason. Look at Mikell and then at Dawkins. Could Mikell be overtaking Dakwins as the top safety on the team?
  • Get Greg Lewis off the field and off the team!
  • They probably don't deserve the excuse, but I will say the rain and wet ball caused the WRs to drop pass after pass in the first half.
  • Why is Andy Reid throwing the ball 50+ times in a preseason game.
  • I wondering if Rosenhaus has a new Sprint promo out yet to yapping about Sheppard's first half interception.
  • Tony Hunt you might have just won yourself one more year on the squad. Why not just cut Moats now?
  • Kolb (though it was against 2nd stringers) was the best Eagles QB on the field last night.

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justincharlesharlan said...

Herremans looked good at LT against Peppers. He may be a legit replacement for Tra! Also, despite my cries of "Send Scott Young packing!" the OTA no-show looked good with the first unit.

Think maybe the MJG taking over for Herremans this year hubbub can finally die down as Herremans takes a giant step forward and MJG tiptoes back? MJG can replace Herremans when he replaces Tra, but not a second sooner.