Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Donovan McNabb: "The best quarterback..."

Mornhinweg, I don't think so. Lurie, I think you may be right on this one.

Everyone's favorite topic...Donovan McNabb. Though I don't believe that McNabb is a first ballot hall of famer (as Mornhinweg believes), I honestly think McNabb just might be, when healthy, the best quarterback in the NFC. The owner and I thinking alike.

Let's took a look...

McNabb Definitely Better Than:
- Jason Campbell (Redskins), Matt Leinhart (Cardinals), Joey Harrington (Falcons), Rex Grossman (Bears), Jon Kitna (Lions), Aaron Rodgers (Packers), Tarvaris Jackson (Vikings), Alex Smith (49ers), Jake Delhomme (Panthers)

It's Close, But McNabb Would Get the Vote:
- Marc Bulger (Rams): Career numbers of 106 TDs and 74 interceptions; Coming off a down year where he threw 11 touchdowns and 15 interceptions with a 70.3 QB Rating.
- Jeff Garcia (Bucs): He was McNabb's back-up, Garcia wasn't better than McNabb in 2006 and at age 38 still isn't.
- Tony Romo (Cowboys): Statistics are great, but call me when he wins a playoff game.

The True Challengers, But McNabb Is Still The Man
- Drew Brees (Saints): The numbers are impressive, but the playoff success is laking. Brees has only 1 career playoff victory.
- Eli Manning (Giants): His Super Bowl victory gets him in this category, but he sports only a career 54.7 completion percentage and a 73.4 QB rating. Down the road Eli may be the best of the bunch but not in 2008.
- Matt Hasselbeck (Seahawks): Matt has the numbers and the playoff success. McNabb gets the very slight edge with his scrambling ability.

Well there you have it. As Lurie said, Donovan McNabb is "the best quarterback, when healthy, in the NFC." There may be some bias, but the individual numbers and team success each make a strong case for #5 being #1.

Where is Brett Favre you ask? Well as of now he needs to first worry about winning the Packers starting QB job. Once that is accomplished, we can talk. Who knows, by then he might have the itch to retire again!


Anonymous said...

Brees is the only one that comes close...

Anonymous said...

Romo sucks!