Friday, August 8, 2008

Eagles Football Is Back and Not Missing Reggie Brown

No one got hurt. What else truly matters in a preseason game? Outside of the injury report, what else happened? Let's see...
  • Anyone find it a little funny that the new money man Brian Westbrook is doing commercials for a bank (Sovereign).
  • Did anyone even care that the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics were on tonight?
  • McNabb looked very confident, sharp, and happy. He hit 6 different receivers, lead the offense to two scores, and well looked like that the old McNabb.
  • Speaking of McNabb, he has to be very happy with Westbrook's new deal. Next year McNabb will be in Westbrook's position. If McNabb performs well on the field this year, McNabb knows that he will also be rewarded.
  • Pains me to say it, but having a healthy L.J. Smith really does have a positive impact on the offense. Dare I say the front office made another smart move by franchising him?
  • Did anyone even care that Reggie Brown wasn't on the field? I didn't.
  • It looks the tutelage under Dawkins is definitely paying off for Quintin Mikell. The boy can hit!
  • DeSean Jackson had been hyped up so much in training camp. Looks like the hype is well deserved. I loved his ability to get separation, his willingess to go over the middle, his elusiveness, and his strong hands. There is definitely talent here. (Again, anyone miss Reggie Brown?!?)
  • More so than usual I was hoping for a defensive stop tonight. I just wanted the Steelers to punt to Jackson. Very intrigued by Jackson. Looks like a quick learner. It is going to be hard to keep him off the field this year.
  • Jason Avante excels between the numbers.
  • Sav Rocca has to do a better job pinning the ball inside the 20.
  • I see Andy Reid sporting a new digital watch. Is the watch the answer to his clock management struggles?
  • Dave (Spuds) Spadaro is even more annoying on TV.
  • Luke Lawton couldn't of been happy seeing Jason Davis catch that touchdown pass.
  • Sounds like the phrase "petal to the metal" is catchy. Didn't hear anyone mention YPA though. Oh thats right, it's a meaningless stat.
  • My third compliment for the Front Office in one day...Laws and Jackson could be steals in the second round. And we also got another first rounder. Brillant!
  • Anyone else forget that Ryan Moats was still on the team.
  • A.J. Feeley was the 2nd best Oregon quarterback on the field tonight.
  • It's hard not to root for Jerome McDougle. Jerome brought his A game tonight, constant pressure all night. I say he makes this year's squad. If nothing else, he brings some nice size against the run from the DE performance.

The Eagles didn't get the W, but again no one got hurt and McNabb looked sharp. That's a preseason victory in my book. How great is it that football is back!!

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colonel said...

And don't forget Kolb. He looked pretty good too! There was a lot of good passing from both McNabb and Kolb, which I guess will even encourage Andy to pass even more!