Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Eagles: Showing Compassion Proves Too Difficult

Where is the Eagles response to the Shawn Andrews situation? I have little doubt that the Eagles did not know of Andrews' depression prior to yesterday's public revelation. But now it is one hundred percent confirmed that Andrews was missing camp because of his depression.

The man is on medications and is seeing a therapist. It is not some excuse or illness that Andrews fabricated.

And despite Andrews opening up about his depression the Eagles continue to fine Andrews $15,000 a day. Are you freaking kidding me?!? Would it of been so difficult for Reid or Lurie to hold a short press conference after practice today and let the public and Andrews know that the team is behind him, that the team cares about his well-being? Seems it was too difficult.

Instead of briefly mentioning the Andrews situation during his press conference today, Marty Mornhinweg decided instead to continue to praise the efforts of Max Jean-Gillies. Good for Maxie boy, but how do you think such comments are making the already troubled Andrews feel? I am starting to see why the Lion fans called Marty a moron!

And leave it up to Dave Spadaro to put the icing on the cake. Following the public comments of Andrews, Spadaro proceeds to write an article about what a great day it was at Eagles camp yesterday. The man has line after line after stupid line of idiotic, praising comments for Lurie. But I blame myself on this one, what was I even doing reading a Spadaro article!

I am not asking for the Eagles to throw Andrews a big pity parade. But it is too much to ask for them to show a little compassion for Andrews and others also suffering from depression?

And people wonder why the Eagles Front Office gets such a bad rap and the city is disgusted with them. One word...arrogance.

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