Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Eagles Would Be Wise To Cut Akers

After just reading the subject line how many of you think I am nuts? Cut Akers, but he is a fan favorite and one of the league's best kickers.

Sorry, Akers used to be one of the league's top kickers. OK smart guy, who would the Eagles sign to replace Akers? It's not as if a elite kicker is just waiting out there to be signed. Oh wait, there is...Jay Feely.

In a stunning move the Chiefs have released Feely one day after signing the kicker. So Feely is the replacement. The numbers don't lie.

  • In 2007, Akers was 1-6 in field goals between 40-49 yards and 1-4 in kicks 50+ yards
  • In 2007, Feely was 7-9 in field goals between 40-49 yards and 1-1 in kicks 50+ yards

The numbers show a dramatic upgrade at the PK position for the Eagles if they sign Feely. And despite camp reports on Akers rediscovering his length strength this off-season, preseason action again shows Akers struggling to connect from 40+ yards.

With the Eagles red zone struggles, why not sure up the kicking game. Feely is just waiting to be signed. Akers has had a phenomenal Eagles career, but at this point in his career is he more reputation then results?

A team that is "pedal to the metal" would make this obvious move to upgrade the roster.


Anonymous said...

100% agree

Anonymous said...

at least bring Feely in for some competition.

Anonymous said...

gotta agree Akers has been on a downward spiral lately

Anonymous said...

Feely had one good year.

chris klinkner said...

It's true that Feely might have had only one good year, but can't the same be said about Chris Clemons? And the Eagles had no problem signing him and throwing a $4 million dollar signing bonus his way.

You gotta go with last impressions and in 2007 Feely had more distance than Akers.

This will never happen, but it makes sense.