Thursday, August 7, 2008

Favre a Jet, Lurie a YPA

Brett Farve a New York Jet, who would of thunk it? Good move for the Eagles as without Favre I don't see how the Packers maintain their place as a dominant team in the NFC. Despite the Packers' confidence in Rodgers, there will be too many growing pains for the first year starter to carry the Packers on a serious playoff run.

Also, with Favre in the NFC, McNabb keeps his ranking as the #1 NFC quarterback. Wonder if our boy Lurie knew about the Jets thing all along? It wouldn't surprise me if he did, I mean the man does know about a cornerback's YPA. (Though I do prefer 610 WIP's definition of YPA...Lurie You're a Pompous Ass!) What was the point of Lurie throwing the low blow at Sheppard? Let's leave the football talk to Reid.

Despite the large investment the team made in Asante Samuel, the Eagles now have another reason to hope these hamstring injuries don't linger into the season for Samuel. If Sheppard is healthy and ends up being the starting left cornerback because Samuel is not healthy, Lurie will have some serious back talking to do. Do the new fan conduct rules prevent you from bashing the owner?

And how cowardly are the Eagles for listing dual starting right cornerbacks. 12 starters will definitely draw the officials' flag.

Other Random Thoughts I Think:
  • Glad to hear that there is progress being made with reworking Westbrook's contract.
  • Tomorrow night my eyes will be on Booker, Jackson, Howard, and Kolb.
  • Please no one get hurt tomorrow night.
  • Lito hating his job too. "This is my job and a lot of people don't like their job, but you have to do it." Welcome to the club.
  • That 4th preseason game against the Jets is now actually watchable.
  • Please no one get hurt tomorrow night.
  • Big win for the Phillies last night. A Phils win is always sweeter when it is accompanied by another Mets loss. Hard to believe that Juan Samuel is being inducted into the Phillies Wall of Fame. Juan Samuel, really?!?
  • First a Flyers preseason game at the Spectrum and now the Sixers playing a regular season game ( March 13, 2009) there too. Love it!
  • Bad time for Reggie Brown to suffer the Achilles injury. Do you think that either Baskett or Avant could make a serious push for the other starting WR spot? Such a statement just shows the true state of the Eagles WR core. Oh well, I still think Curtis is star.


peter said...

i love the new YPA definition. Lurie, shut up, PLEASE!

phillyfan5 said...

Garcia you can exhale now. Favre a Jet, just doesn't seem right

Anonymous said...

sheppard is one of my favorite, i hope he makes lurie eat his words..what an ass!

fatreid said...

nice photo

cowboysblow said...

basket,, bron, avant, me...none of us are #1s so who cares who is lining up at there. just run with the 3 headed backfield. make westbrook earn the new payday

Anonymous said...

shut your hole lurie. banner you too

joe said...

i am just watching to see that no one gets hurt. i hate preseason games, no point. especially with the eagles, there aren't that many roster battles anyway.

marc said...

haha lurie is a jackass.

Anonymous said...

leave the football talk to the experts. you just sound like an idiot jeff