Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Four Is Just Too Many

Preseason games. How about one, maybe two games, and then we get things rolling. Honestly, what is the point of having four preseason games.

If teams need the extra revenue that is generated from the additional home preseason games, just charge more per game for the regular season action. Fans are still going to buy the regular season tickets regardless if they have to dish out an extra $25-$50. Having the stars healthy and not injured in preseason would justify the extra fees.

It is just criminal to watch a teams' top player suffer an injury in a game that means squat. The Eagles have already lost their top WR (Curtis) and held their breath as Dawkins left the Patriots game with an ankle injury (Dawk should be ready for the season opener). The Giants are now without Pro Bowl DE Umenyiora, while the Redskins are unsure if Pro Bowl DE Jason Taylor will be ready for the season opener (not that this Eagles fan is complaining!).

I mean what motivation is there for coaches to play their starters in the preseason? Wouldn't a coach rather have a player a bit rusty entering the regular season, then not having the guy for the year because of some injury suffered in a pointless preseason game.

Something has to change. It is unfair to teams and to fans to have an entire season change or be lost because of something that happens in a preseason game.

Thinking Thoughts About the Eagles:

  • Why did it take the Eagles so long to move Hunt to FB. At this point there just isn't enough time for him to become a strong blocker, which is the main role of an Eagles FB. The Eagles handling of the FB position is all too familiar to their handling of the KR/PR last season. And we all saw how that worked out for them. I can just see it now, Westbrook or McNabb getting hurt because of a missed FB block.
  • If Jackson continues to shine as a WR, will the Eagles keep him as their Punt Returner? Do you really want your #1 or #2 WR getting injured on a special teams play?
  • I sure hope J.R. Reed is ahead of Sean Considine on the depth chart.
  • Now would be as good as time as any for Reno Mahe to hand in those retirement papers. There will be no week one phone call from the Eagles this year.
  • Quintin Demps is not a cornerback...bad experiment!
  • When the hell are the Eagles going to cut Ryan Moats?!?
  • Clemons, Smith, or McDougle, who survives the ax?
  • Sounds like Dan Klecko is making the team. Maybe he is some sort of Championship good luck charm. Played for the Patriots, got 2 rings. Played for the Colts, got 1 ring. Played for the Eagles??
  • Anyone still believe that the Giants are serious contenders for the NFC East crown? The DE position, which was their greatest strength last year, is now one of their greatest weaknesses.
  • Anyone worried about the Redskins this year. The Skins looked pathetic against the Panthers, managing only 2 first downs in the first half, 3 net passing yards, and turning over the ball twice.


Anonymous said...

good Jackson question. i say you keep him as the PR too

Anonymous said...

hunt sucks

Anonymous said...

Preseason what a waste. Just a way for teams to steal our money

Anonymous said...

maybe just add a 17th regular season game???

justincharlesharlan said...

"Clemons, Smith, or McDougle, who survives the ax?"

Clemons and Smith both will end up on IR. Clemons is hurt and Smith has had injury issues this preseason.

One of them sticks if it looks like Abiamiri has to be IR'd, otherwise both sit on IR.