Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Get A Dog, Learn About Sheldon Brown

Eagles Fever travels and lives in South Carolina. Well more specifically the love for Sheldon Brown is still alive down in hot, humid SC.

I took my sister's dog for a walk around Charleston (on vacation this week) this morning. And of course Zoe (dog) was sporting a Philadelphia Eagles dog collar. And boy was that collar an attention grabber (well that or my Bleed Green T-Shirt).

When the occasional idiot wasn't telling me that the Eagles suck others were coming up to me sharing their favorite Sheldon Brown comment.

"Oh we love that Sheldon boy."

"That Shellie boy is such a sweetheart. We just love Mr. Brown."

"Sheldon Brown, what a star. Lito better shut his mouth, thinking he should be starting over my boy."

"Them Eagles, boy they got them some smarts, drafting our Sheldon. You should of seen some of his interceptions back in the day."

"He is a Philly man now. But he will always have a place in our southern hearts."

So Andy, if you are listening, please don't go changing that cornerback rotation. But if you do, please let Zoe and I out of South Carolina first.

One fan even said that Brown could play some WR too. Hey, can he be any worse than Greg Lewis?!?


Anonymous said...

Not only is Zoe adorable- but clearly also brilliant- rooting for the green. Go EAGLES!!

Anonymous said...

that dog has some smarts!

Anonymous said...

sorry, lito should be starting

Anonymous said...

cute dog

Anonymous said...

sheldon was the man at SC. love the dog

Anonymous said...

eagles are screwed, but cute pup

Anonymous said...