Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hunt Will Get McNabb or Westbrook Hurt

Flash back to September 9, 2007. It was last year's season opener. The Eagles lost to the Packers 16-13. There were many reasons why the Eagles lost the game, but the most obvious goofs came on special teams. The Punt Returners couldn't catch the ball. Reed and Lewis were pathetic at best.

Despite the ineptitude of the PRs, the loss was the fault of Reid. The entire off-season the team put all their return faith in the abilities of Olympic skier Jeremy Bloom. Bloom ended up being cut and Reid saw it fit to just make anyone the PR. Such thinking put the Eagles in a 0-1 hole to begin the season.

Fast forward to August 30, 2008. Tony Hunt makes the 53 man roster as the team's lone fullback. This is despite Hunt only learning the position a few weeks back. His total in-game experience at FB is 2 preseason games. And if the inexperience wasn't enough, Hunt also appears to be carrying a less than enthusiastic attitude about being moved from HB to FB. This is a recipe for a disaster. It instantly brings back images of the 2007 season opener.

Reid again thinks he can put anyone into a position and they will be OK. I understand that the FB does not have a major role in the Eagles offense. If the FB is lucky they might see action on 20-30 percent of the offensive snaps. Their main role is to block and perform well on special teams.

It is the blocking part that scares me greatly. Yes Hunt can run. But at this point he is a mediocre blocker at best. And if history repeats itself, Reid's ignorance is going to come back and bit the Eagles right on the ass, this time in the form of a missed block and McNabb or Westbrook getting injured.

Here's hoping that the waiver wire has a real FB out there for the Eagles. Sorry Hunt, I'd rather you be a wasted 3rd round draft pick then the cause of an injury to #36 or #5.


Anonymous said...

i would like to know did the get eagles get willie reid from pittsburg steelers his a wide receiver and his damm good to .

Anonymous said...

This analogy doesn't work, for three reasons. First, Hunt's problem is as a lead blocker in the running game, not as a pass blocker. He's not going to get McNabb hurt by missing on a lead block. Second, it isn't that he doesn't know who to block or whiffs on his blocks, it's that he doesn't take the correct angles for maximum power or sustain his blocks properly. This might result in a few snuffed running plays but a tackle behind the line is no more likely to result in Westbrook getting hurt than a tackle anywhere else on the field. Third, you have to put a returner on the field in punting situations, so an inexperienced guy is bound to be exposed. You don't have to use a fullback if you don't want to, so Hunt is unlikely to be on the field in third-and-long situations or the like.

Hunt's ability as a short yardage runner, receiver, and special teams player makes him more valuable than a guy who would do nothing but block.

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of ifs in your essay which makes for a bad argument. It seems that non of the FBs they have in camp do all the things they needed them to do. They all have strenghts and weaknesses and overall you can blame Reid for not bringing in a proven FB. This is not suprising. As you correctly put it, the FB is a small part of the offense. Hunts value is on special teams and short yardage. He is an average blocker which with westbrook is good enough. I did not see him give up a sack during the preseason.

Anonymous said...

For what appears to be a serious blog (this is my first time reading), I'm surprised you got caught up in the hysteria of not having a true fullback. You seem like someone who knows the Eagles almost never have a fullback on the field. I'm sure you watch the games - it's about 20-25% of plays.

Calm down, and worry about something of actual concern.