Friday, August 22, 2008

Jeff Garcia Is the Answer to the Curtis Injury

How will the Eagles survive with Kevin Curtis sidelined? Simple, Jeff Garcia.


That's right, time for the Eagles to go all Jeff Garcia on us. Time for the Eagles to go back to a balanced offensive attack. Possibily even favoring the running game. Even with a healthy McNabb, the strength of this offense is the running game. Westbrook, Buckhalter, Booker, and even our new FB Hunt.

Westbrook 4.8 yards per carry, Buckhalter 5.0 yards per carry, and Booker 4.5 yards per carry in 2007. Impressive numbers that need to be dupolicated in 2008.

Remember when McNabb went down in 2006 and we all thought the season was lost. Well it wasn't. And if it wasn't for a Scott Young false start penalty who knows how far the Eagles would have gone. It wasn't Garcia being a better QB than McNabb that made the offense go. It was Andy and Marty finally balancing their offensive philosophy.

I love the optimism of Andy saying that the current group of WRs is fine and no additions are needed. No need to bad mouth your own players. Heck, the Curtis injury could even turn out to be a blessing by getting Jackson on the field earlier and more often. But, why not go with a sure thing and work the running game.

Cash in on the Westrbook investment. Grind out one more year with Buckhalter. See what Booker can do on a a decent team. So Andy, just say no the pass...please!


Anonymous said...

Finally some love for Hunt!!!

BTW, season starts in one week.

Anonymous said...

garcia is prob. better than our wrs now

Anonymous said...

Despite the injury reid is too stubborn to go to the run

Anonymous said...

glad u didn't mention moats!

Anonymous said...

hunt sucks!

justincharlesharlan said...

Balance good, Tony Hunt bad.