Sunday, August 17, 2008

Karma and The Philadelphia Eagles

"He helps you laugh and tries to make the situation better, but ultimately, he really showed that he cared and that meant a lot to me.”

Karma, it's a funny thing.

The above quote is from Shawn Andrews on how Coach Reid treated him. Some fans (including myself) were very harsh of the Eagles and their treatment of Andrews. Turns out we were wrong. And this fan couldn't be happier.

The team is very supportive of Andrews and his battle with depression. As a result Andrews is back and practicing with the team. Andrews is also in great physical shape. Reports are the Andrews could even start the next preseason game. This is good news for the Eagles.

Max Jean-Gilles is good, but I never believed he was as good as camp reports and camps quotes had him. And on Thursday night, we saw Max for what he is at this point. He is still a back-up. Not that it is OK for a back-up to commit 4 penalties and miss a key screen block. But it is more tolerable if he is a back-up.

Karma. Treat Andrews with respect, show him some sympathy and compassion and good things will follow. Your All-Pro guard will get back on the field. Your All-Pro will get back to anchoring your offensive line. Your All-Pro guard will get back to protecting your All-Pro quarterback.

Now if karma could only help the WRs catch the ball. Well I guess you can't expect karma to perform miracles!

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