Monday, August 4, 2008

Lurie is Pumped; Andrews is Depressed

Big news all around the Eagles...

Mr. Lurie gave his annual State Of The Team Address today. I loved hearing that Lurie is"very pumped" and to of course hear that he shares the same optimism of us fans. However I do question his following statement: "It's pedal-to-the-metal. That's what every move is based on, or what every attempted move is based on, with an eye toward the present and an eye toward the future. But we're going for it."

This off-season we saw Lurie's love for his hometown Boston Celtics. He was seen sporting his Celtics gear and even took a few players to one of the Finals games. So being a Celtics fan he knows what the true definition of petal-to-the-metal and going for it is. Petal-to-the-metal is making moves to get three potential Hall of Famers on the court together. When you truly go all out a championship will soon follow (like in the case of the Celtics).

The Eagles moves, though good, are more characteristic of maybe tapping the pedal. If going for it is making another trip to the playoffs then mission accomplished Mr. Lurie. If "it" was indeed a championship I think Lurie needs to recheck his speedometer.

In the day's other news Shawn Andrews admitted that he is "going through a very bad time with depression." As fans we should (come on Eagle fans please don't be idiots about this!) wish nothing but the best for Andrews and that he is once again able to find peace in his life. Football can and should always take a back seat to one's physical and mental health.

While I don't blame Andrews for his absence from camp I do take offense to the Eagles handling of the situation. I disapprove of Reid's tough guy attitude when responding to questions on Andrews.

Andy Reid had spoken to Andrews prior to Andrews opening up to the public this afternoon. Reid most likely had to know that Andrews was suffering from depression . Why couldn't Reid of responded to media questions that same way that McNabb and Dawkins did (who also had been in contact with Andrews)? Let the public know that he would be welcomed and accepted back. I know Reid is the big, bad coach but with something as serious as depression that is no excuse.

And the Eagles fining Andrews $15,000 a day...come on guys. All Reid and the Front Office are doing is rushing Andrews back. Rushing Andrews back when he might not be ready for football. What happens then? Are the Eagles ready to deal with the consequences if Andrews were to relapse? How quickly we forget about Barret Robbins had his actions during Super Bowl XXXVII.

Cut Andrews some slack. I can only imagine the difficulty Andrews experienced in opening up to the public about his illness today. Let's please make sure Andrews health is a priority.

And Reid what is the big deal, you keep praising Max Jean-Gilles anyway. You have your guard, now let Andrews get his help.

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