Sunday, August 10, 2008

McNabb Haters Are Going To Be Disappointed

We all know that Friday was only a preseason game. Defensive and offensive packages were vanilla. Starters were off the field before you popped open that second beer. Despite all of this an Eagles fan has to feel very confident this weekend.

Off-season signings give the Eagles defense a chance to be very good this year. Westbrook's new contract assures us that Westbrook is happy and his attention is 100 percent focused on football. So what.

If the Eagles are going to be successful this year it will be because of #5. And if first impressions mean anything, it could be a very successful 2008 season for the Eagles.

The difference between night and day is a good way to describe the 2007 and 2008 Donovan McNabb. In 2007, McNabb was returning from an injury and was a shell of his normal self. The confidence wasn't there, the results weren't there. Fast forward to Friday night and the fans can see that McNabb's confidence is high, his scrambling ability is back, his passes are sharp, he is healthy, and he looks very happy.

Eagles fan should be thrilled. Opposing teams still shuffling to find their number 1 should be very jealous. There is no QB controversy in Philly. Our leader is back. The momentum and results from last season's finish seem to be no fluke. All you McNabb haters, shut it! 2008 could be a very special season for McNabb, the Eagles, and us fans.

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