Sunday, August 3, 2008

They Lied...The Eagles Buzz Is Still Alive

Took a trip up to Lehigh yesterday. Despite there only being only an afternoon practice the trip was a real eye opener.

Being outside and on the sidelines you instantly forget about contract negotiations, missing players, and football "business." Your attention is just on football. Coaches screaming, one handed grabs, fans being fans. There is no media to sway your opinion on the Eagles. You get a first hand look to form your own opinion on the Eagles chances this year. Is McNabb really back. YES he is. Does the defense have the look of an elite unit? YES they do. Can Jackson really contribute as a rookie? YES he can. Do the Eagles have a chance to be a contender this year? Looks to me they do.

You again remember why you the love the game, why you love the Eagles.

You love the Eagles because there is never a bad time to shout E-A-G-L-E-S, Eagles! You love football because there are 5 year olds screaming Dallas sucks! You love the Eagles because of veteran stars like McNabb and Curtis and up and coming stars like Jackson and Demps. You love football because it is quality time with dad. You love the Eagles because you can argue with the stranger next to you on the quality of the WRs and the brilliance and idiocy of Big Red. You love football because training camps allow you to be up close with the players. You love the Eagles because after suffering through the heat and busting their tails, players stay around to sign autographs.

Now it is on to the season. Soon it will be trips to the Linc. Soon it will be tailgating in the parking lot. Soon it will be the Eagles running through the tunnel (some of the best 10 seconds of football is Dawkins being announced and him psyching up the crowd!). Soon it will be McNabb and Westbrook piling up Pro Bowl numbers. Soon it will be Cole and Dawkins bringing the heat. Soon it will be Samuel and Sheppard bringing it to the house. Soon it will be the best 17+ weeks of the year. I can't freaking wait!!

You hear that the Eagles buzz is dying in the city. You hear that Philly is moving towards becoming a baseball city. I was actually starting to believe this nonsense myself. Almost, but come on, the Eagles rule this town.

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