Monday, August 4, 2008

Thinking Thoughts About The Eagles

And to think we are again only getting started with this Brett Favre drama. I was watching the Phillies game last night and twice ESPN cut away to show Favre's plan landing. Enough already!

Some random thoughts on our Eagles..
  • Who out there didn't think that if DeSean Jackson was going to make an impact this year that it would solely be on special teams? Now we see him running plays as a WR with the first team offense. Media outlets report Jackson as being one of the top WRs in camp so far. The same reports also have Reggie Brown with a serious case of the drops.
  • As the season progresses and Jackson continues to shine, maybe put him out wide and move Kevin Curtis to the slot position? I would think that Curtis could dominate the slot position Wes Welker style!
  • How is it that Lorenzo Booker didn't play more for the 1-15 Dolphins last year?!?
  • I guess the Eagles were watching the success of the NY Giants last year and the impact rookies can have on a team's success. Seems like Jackson, Trevor Laws, and Quintin Demps could each have significant roles with the Eagles this year.
  • Speaking of Demps, have the Eagles found the heir apparent to Brian Dawkins? There have been nothing but rave reviews from camp for Demps. You read of Demps having great instincts, outstanding hands, excellent range, a knack for the big play, and on and on and on. Looks like the Eagles made a draft deal steal!
  • Another stud at camp has been Darren Howard. Is he finally going to live up to his Saint days hype and his big contract? If so, lets chalk it up to Kearse being a bad influence on Howard the previous seasons. Kearse had no problem ragging on the Eagles, so lets return the favor.
  • And the future isn't looking too bright if Kolb is our man. Camp reports have Kolb struggling to make the correct reads and making poor decisions with his throws. I am very interested to see how he fairs in the preseason. If McNabb were to suffer a significant injury do you think Reid might be tempted to go back to Feeley?
  • As we quickly approach the preseason opener on Friday, I wonder if Westbrook or Sheppard will hold out to try and force the Eagles into redoing their contracts.
  • Anyone seen Shawn Andrews yet? Jeffrey Lurie is getting more practice time in then the Big Kid.
  • As an Eagles fan you gotta love the Steve Smith suspension. Maybe I shouldn't have been so quick to criticize the Eagles for moving out of the first round this year. Panthers 0-2 to start 2008..we hope so!

Be thankful we aren't Packer fans this week....

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colonel said...

Let's hope McNabb stays well protected and well!