Saturday, August 2, 2008

Watch Out For the Banner Boys

The next Eagles player to whine about their contract should think twice.

During Reid's press conference today he informed the media that Westbrook has been quarantined. That's right, don't go messing with the Banner Boys. Westbrook has been placed on permanent timeout and has been placed in a separate room and is not allowed around other players. Reid himself is spreading rumors of Westbrook being contagious.

Unconfirmed reports have these steps being taken as a result of Westbrook being sick. Likely out Sheppard you're next. I also hear that the Eagles have shut off the water to the showers and bathrooms. A water main break, please. Seems like clever contract negotiating by the Banner boys to me.

All kidding aside there was some actual news from Reid's press conference today. It seems like Jason Davis might be getting a leg up on nailing down the fullback position. The exhaustive search for Tapeh's replacement might finally be ending!

Reid commented that Davis has been doing a great job in practices, has delivered on expectations, and has been bringing it everyday and at every practice.

Fullback is not a position that carries much glory with the Eagles. Typically the Eagles only play a fullback in 25-30 percent of the snaps. Jason Davis' responsibilities will be excelling on special teams, being the lead blocker for Westbrook, and be a stout pass protector. Looks like Reid thinks Davis is ready to handle these duties.

And some words of advice for Davis. Now that you are a starter don't go getting an ego and complaining about your contract. I hear the Banner Boys are tough negotiators. We are already missing one piece of our backfield!

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