Friday, August 29, 2008

Your Back-Ups Are Better Than My Back-Ups

Major kudos to all who attended last night's preseason finale or watched the game in its entirety on television. You my friends truly Bleed the Eagles Green.

What can we take away from such a meaningless game. A game that had the Jets playing a WR on defense. I guess the fact that none of the starters got hurt is all that really matters (yes, I am aware that they did not play!)
  • As the starters did not play, I guess it is safe to assume that DeSean Jackson is one of our starting WRs. Who would of thought this back on draft day. Who would of thought this based on the history of Eagle rookie WRs.
  • You could see the determination in the eyes of McDougle and Smith as they fought to get credit for the games' first sack.
  • With the game being meaningless, it was nice to be able to focus your attention on specific players and not worry about missing the end result of a play.
  • Neither Hunt or Davis did anything special to gaurantee themselves the starting FB spot.
  • Demps has the quick burst needed to excel as a returner. Returns are going to be fun this year! When is the last time you could say that as an Eagles fan.
  • Joe Mays continues to shine. Wonder if at some point this year he can crack the starting unit. Maybe move Chris Gocong to DE? Will the Eagles waive Rocky Boiman?
  • If Kris Wilson and Matt Schobel were on even ground entering last night's game, Wilson left on top.
  • Good thing Andrews miraculously cured his depression. Wonder how serious the Max Jean-Gilles injury is? Prior to the injury, I wonder if coaches were seconding guessing all of the praise they piled on Gilles this off-season. Stupid, stupid unnecessary roughness penalty.
  • I love Andrews' comment regarding the Tackle position, "The tackle position isn't a complex job, so I think I could handle duties." Maybe a low-blow at Runyan for not supporting him this off-season?
  • Bryan Smith has some kind of motor. Yes he was going against back-ups, but so was McDougle last night. With his 11 tackles and 1.5 sacks last night, I think Smith might have earned himself the last DE spot. It is going to hurt watching McDougle play for the Giants this year.
  • Don Banks of Sports Illustrated is out of his mind ranking Kevin Kolb as the 24th best back-up QB in the NFL.
  • The Eagles 2nd string offense must have learned their red zone offense by watching the 1st string offense.
  • It would not be shocking for the Eagles to rid themselves of the Winston Justice error this week. It would be the smart thing to do. Last night's holding penalty just adds to the reasons he is a bust.
  • I guess Akers can still hit from 40+. My bad!
  • Though it won't happen, why not keep a Michael Gasperson instead of Greg Lewis?
  • Someone should really tell A.J. Feeley that the object of the game is to throw to the Eagles not the opposition. Smart move in having Kolb as our back-up QB.

And yes I was one of those fans that watched the entire game. What can I say, I bleed some Eagles green.


Michoel Botwinick said...

Hey, I also saw the whole game! At any rate, I really liked how Bryan Smith got in there, making plays. He also had two tackles for a loss.

Can't wait for Week 1 vs. the Rams, when it really counts!

Anonymous said...

agreed, smith is in and mcdougle is out.

Anonymous said...

Demps / Jackson should give the offense shome good field position this year.