Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Please SHUT-UP!

Maybe it's me being grumpy, overacting a bit too much. But I doubt it. Three people, and their idiotic (my opinion, hope you agree) comments need to Shut It!

- Phil Sheridan and his Dare to Dream column. In his column he, like the national media constantly does, labels the Philly fans as being too negative. And it is our negativity that is the cause of Philadelphia being without a major sports title since 1983. Really, Phil?? Could it be that players have sucked, players have choked, ownership has been too cheap, GMs can't evaluate talent?

Aren't we fans the ones responsible for 50 sellouts this year for the Phils and always selling out the Linc on Sundays? Aren't the players getting paid millions to handle the pressure? If pay we for the ticket, we can boo when something goes wrong, when a player chokes, when a team under performs. We aren't entering the stadium with this negative energy, the boos are the result of an event during the game. Philly fans have passion, are a smart bunch, and do not need to be told my some idiot columnist how to be a fan.

- Donovan McNabb and his NBC promo about Chicago sports. I mentioned this earlier in the week, but I still can't over the fact that on national TV our franchise player is singing the praise of the god damn Blackhawks and Bulls. #5 must have gotten his cue from his idiot owner who was seen this summer prancing around in a Celtics jersey.

How about some Philly love guys...you two have no problems taking the city's millions of dollars to pay your team and salary. Shut up and go back to Chicago and NE. With you two schmucks over there, the Eagles would have 2 less teams to worry about contending with.

- Lito Sheppard and his comments on Comcast's Monday Night Live . Jesus Christ man...get over it. You are not a starter, you are not going to be traded, you can't stay healthy, you got burned by Hester on Sunday (thankfully Hester can't catch!), and you aren't all-around good as Brown or Samuel. T.O. may be a whinny bitch this week up in Dallas, but at least he is a starter...call us when you reach that level again.

Safety First, Really?!?

OK, one more (OK two) thing to get off my chest. And funny thing, he deals with McNabb's chest.

Reid commented yesterday that he was against a QB sneak on 4th and 1 in the 4th quarter, fearing further injury to McNabb's chest. Fine, understood, the health of #5 for the season is of utmost importance. BUT, why Andy did you allow him to drop back for 41 pass attempts if you were so concerned with the QB's health?!? Wouldn't you think that there is a greater concern for injury on a blind-side QB hit, then falling forward onto your own man! QB sneak should of been the call.

And Tony Hunt, you SUCK! I can't understand why more people aren't questioning his inability to hit the hole on the 2nd and 1 running play. The hole was there, yet he bounced wide. There would have been no 4th and 1 if Hunt hit the hole! Buckhalter would of hit the hole...why Reid took him out for that play we will never know!

Sour Rankings

By Kevin Trainham - I kept viewing the power rankings last week and almost all had the Eagles at 3 or 4. Some even had them as high as TWO! REALLY!!?? Yes, ahead of the most complete team in football (Titans) and sometimes ahead of the defending undefeated champs.

No clue why that was. They are the FOURTH best team in their division, PERIOD! Forget about the injuries, most top teams have them and come through. When I look at a team I look at three things.

First, there is coaching. While Jim Johnson is a top five defensive coach, the rest is of the staff is often comical. Andy Reid makes so many boneheaded mistakes and is by far the WORST Head Coach in football when it comes to making decisions on the fly, during the flow of the game.

Second, would be the offensive line. This offensive line is a line Randall Cunningham would have killed for! That said, they are not deep at all and that's rough when one man goes down (see the Andrews injury..and just pray Justice never sees the field this year).

Third, would be the defensive line. This line is the worst on paper in the NFC East. Why you ask? Well, because they are without depth on the ends and the tackles are young and often disappear for too long during a course of the game.

To say this group is a Top five team is ridiculous. 8-8 or 9-7 is what we are looking at here. It's what I predicted at the beginning of the year and I am sticking with that. This weeks game against the Redskins is HUGE!

Now, I want to warn you Eagle fans now. This Redskin team is GOOD!! However, it is VERY difficult to win back to back road games against two division opponents. SO, don't get all up in the air if the Eagles win the game. Expect a win and move on.

If the Eagles do lose, than its time to panic Philly! The Eagles cannot afford to lose another division game before even playing one with the Giants. This Redskin/Eagles game will tell you a lot about the rest of the season.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Twenty-Three Percent

I am not blaming last night's loss on Akers but my confidence in the guy is shot.

In his past 13 kicks from 40+ yards, Akers has hit on a total of 3 field goals. 23 percent...YIKES!

Reid still believes in his kicker: "He needs to make those kicks, but I do (have confidence in Akers)."

I believe in the Akers of old, not the current version. I said it before, the Eagles should have brought in some competition to compete with Akers this year.

We will miss you in 2009 David.

Monday Morning With The Boss

Hey Boss, I agree.

How freaking pathetic..the Eagles offense got the ball in Chicago territory at the 41, the 35, the 28 and the 31 yard lines and...6 f-ing points!

The Boss pins this loss on #5 (no surprise). I see Andy Reid as this week's dumb-ass, but hard to disagree with the below...

- McNabb, 6'2", 240 lbs. Big guy for a quarterback. How about a god damn QB sneak on 4th and 1, when NO ONE is lined up over the center. How about #5 growing a pair and actually calling an audible to a QB sneak from the 1/2 yard line! We all saw the middle open, why didn't McNabb.

- And what the hell was McNabb doing in that NBC bit about Chicago sports. Chicago may be your hometown, but you play in Philadelphia. You get paid 100+ million to play in Philadelphia. Screw the Cubs, the Blackhawks, and the Bulls. How about the Phillies, the Flyers, the Sixers.

Somebody has gotta take the blame for last night's debacle. I say Reid, Boss says #5 (or maybe blame Schobel for not blocking the DE on the 4th and 1 Buckhalter carry or Hunt for running wide past the hole on 2nd and 1!)

Funny Post

This Will Cheer You Up Eagle Fans

The Phillies being in the playoffs not enough to get you over the Eagles loss?

Well, how about Terrell Owens running his mouth in Dallas about not getting the ball enough in yesterday's defeat.

When asked if the ball was thrown his way often enough, Owens said: "I would say no. I'm a competitor, and I want the ball. There were some opportunities there, and there were some opportunities there where they were holding and the refs just didn't call it. You can't blame the refs; we just didn't make the plays."

"Everybody recognized that I wasn't really getting the ball in the first half. I'm pretty sure everybody watching the game recognized it, people in the stands recognized it, I think my team recognized it. I didn't quit. I kept fighting and trying to running my routes and trying to get open."

As Owens always says "I love me some me." Keep running that mouth T.O.

Monday Mornings SUCK

Don't forget, the Phillies are in the playoffs!

These national, late night games are getting to be a killer on a work-day morning...couldn't the Eagles of at least won for us! And hey on the bright side, we are probably the best 2-2 team in football, the best last place divisional team in the NFL. And don't forget, the Mets choked again!

Is it too early to call next Sunday a must win game for the Eagles? Can the Eagles really afford to fall further back of the other NFC East teams...don't think so.

Sunday Night Additional Thoughts:
  • Stating the obvious...the Eagles red zone offense needs to improve. Like 2007, game after game the Eagles are settling for way too many field goals. And each time, being unable to get 6 points has come back to cost the Eagles.
  • Zero creativity in Reid's play calling on that decisive goal line drive.
  • You gotta hope the Westbrook injury is only one missed game. A healthy #5 is key, but the offense won't go anywhere without the dynamic #36 in the backfield. I was one of a number of idiots who made the comment last week, "Against the Bears, Buckhalter will be more than enough in the backfield."
  • Booker has shown absolutely nothing through the first 4 weeks. Told ya Parcells wouldn't just let talent walk. Moats looked better than this.
  • Speaking of off-season additions, at what point does Chris Clemons get on the field (outside of special teams!). BUST!
  • Reid you gotta throw the review (red) flag and challenge the spot of that Forte 7 yard catch and ball spot in the 2nd quarter.
  • Reid you gotta know better than to send Akers out for 47 and 50 yard field goals in the WINDY city. That kind of leg strength just isn't there anymore for David.
  • Tony Hunt you gotta hit the right hole. The hole was there for Hunt to score on the 2nd and goal running play in the 4th quarter. I am still having difficulty figuring out why Reid pulled Buckhalter for that play.
  • Sometimes we forget that DeSean Jackson is a rookie. Well until he makes rookie mistakes.
  • What happened to Hank Baskett? One catch against the Bears after a huge Steelers game.
  • Who knew that McNabb and Reid had as many wins (75) as Joe Montana and Bill Walsh.
  • The big head scratcher is how the Eagles D was able to shut down the Pittsburgh Steelers but give up 24 points to Kyle Orton and the Bears?
  • The run D was again stellar, but when they needed a stop to get the offense the ball with over 2 minutes remaining they whiffed on Forte.
  • I still can't believe the Bears beat the Eagles...AGAIN! The Bears had 60 total yards in the 2nd half and won! Mondays really suck following an Eagles loss.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

First Half - Who Would of Thought?

When did Orton and the Bears learn to play offense...HUH?

  • Just imagine how dominant the Eagles offense would be with a TE that could catch!
  • Looks more like Dallas-game D, then Steelers-game D.
  • Looks like lesson learned by DeSean...6 points equals hands on the ball in the endzone. I wish the same 2 hands were catching that punt.
  • Just imagine how dominant the Eagles defense would be if they could cover a TE.
  • Hey, after 67 pass attemtps last week without a sack, the Bears were due for a sack (or 2)
  • Welcome to the 2008 season Reggie Brown. Told ya the Eagles are better with a healthy Reggie Brown. He could flourish in this complimentary role.
  • Sheppard, you are lucky Hester is a WR that can't catch. Samuel you weren't that lucky.
  • J. Parker gets the sacks, Cole gets the double teams. Parker should thank Cole.
  • DeSean is not a fluke my friends. He is our B-West tonight.
  • Just imagine the WRs once Curtis comes back...maybe next week?
  • If we had this special teams coverage against the Cowboys we would be 3-0
  • Mama McNabb have any left overs?!?
  • JJ, is any coach more creative with their blitz packages?
  • Don't even utter the name Reno Mahe or the Green Bay game!
  • Can any of the Eagles safeties be trusted in pass coverage? Demps I hear has some coverage skills...why not give him a shot.
  • The Bears are Eagles screen pass good.
  • Guess Orton didn't get the Memo that he should suck. Too late to bring back the Grossman, Benson combination?
  • Looks like Rocca is still searching for that consistency.
  • Eagles may be losing...but don't forget, Mets are out of the playoffs! (smiling again?)

In Case You Were Wondering: Wes Helms

Smart trade Mr. Gillick. Wes Helms finally coming through for the Phillies!! How about good old Wes hitting the go ahead home run against the Mets this afternoon to put an END to the Mets 2008 season!!!

Mets SUCK...up next for the Phils are the Brew Crew minus Ben Sheets and a spent CC Sabathia (120+ pitches this afternoon)!

Watching the Mets choke AGAIN...not a bad way to kill the afternoon waiting for the Eagles to kick-off!!

The New Gold Standard?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

If Only The Eagles Had Won

It's early and we all know that Championships aren't won (probably too early to even loose them) in September. But three weeks in I am already sick of hearing and reading article after article about how the Dallas Cowboys are the best team in the NFL, the clear cut Super Bowl favorites. How T.O. is the ultimate team guy now, how America's Team is back.

It was only one game, but man I wish things would have played out differently on Monday Night against the Cowboys. A stronger defensive performance, a more clutch fourth quarter. The Cowboys did not beat the Eagles, the Eagles beat them themselves. A win would have silenced all of this Super Cowboy talk.

But time to put my whining in check. The end of the season and the playoffs are what matters most. I am just not sure I can take 14 more weeks of the national love-fest with the Cowboys.

And You Thought Sunday's Performance Was Impressive

Hank Baskett. 8 catches for 85 yards against the Steelers. Not bad for an undrafted WR.

Forget the statistics, how about being ENGAGED to Playboy Playmate Kendra Wilkinson!?! So much for the dating rumors.

Not bad for an undrafted WR.

So Very Young, So Very Good

Is the Eagles D more Cowboys game or more Rams-Steelers games? Listening to expert talk this week, most are saying Rams-Steelers. If this is the case, look out Kyle Orton. Better yet, if this is the case, look out NFL. This is only the beginning!

Outside of a few aging veterans, the core of the Eagles D is loaded with young players. 2008 might have some occasional growing pains, but it could also begin to lay the foundation for a return to championship level D season after season.
  • Chris Gocong: 24 years old
  • Stewart Bradley: 24
  • Omar Gaither: 24
  • Trent Cole: 25
  • Mike Patterson: 25
  • Brodrick Bunkley: 24
  • Quintin Mikell: 28
  • Asante Samuel: 27

And if Mr. Banner is known for anything, it is being able to lock-up the team's young talent. Philly football is back!

A New T.O., But in NY

As Eagle fans, we've been there, we've done that. A star WR who thinks he is bigger than the team. A star WR that is suspended. A star WR that is represented by Drew Rosenhaus.

Yesterday's news of Plaxico Burress being suspended instantly brought back memories of the 2005 season and Mr. Terrell Owens. With Plaxico it appears yesterday was more "last straw"then first offense. No one is bigger than the team, and the Giants proved this with their 2 week, 1 game suspension. (If Burress still doesn't get the message I hear that Hugh Douglas is free in the afternoons)

As an Eagles fan I am very curious to see how the Burress situation plays out. Will Burress right his wrongs or will he soon be spotted doing sit-ups and press conferences from his driveway? This fan is hoping for the later. This fan is also happy that Rosenhaus now has another team, another player to yap to and about. Good luck NY!

Sometime you really have to wonder if the me-first attitudes (love me some me) that most often accompanies a top-flight #1 WR is worth it to a team. Please keep Rosenhaus the hell away from DeSean Jackson!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Coach Reid Needs Your Vote

Not sure who to vote for...Obama, maybe McCain? What does today's news of McCain suspending his campaign really mean?

Head hurt with trying to figure out the pros and cons of the governments $700 billion bailout (maybe the Eagles could donate some of their cap money?!?).

Here's an easy one for you...vote Coach Reid as the NFL coach of the week. Link to vote.

Yikes...It Still Hurts!

What now Doc? During today's PC, McNabb noted that his chest is actually feeling worse, not better, since Sunday. The pain is causing McNabb to miss practice this week. But the silver lining is that he does expect to suit up for Sunday's game against the Bears.

Earlier in the week Reid had indicated that Donovan's chest injury should feel better as the week progressed. Guess that is why we don't call him Dr. Reid.

What the hell is a chest contusion?

Well FreeMD.com defines a chest contusion as a bruise to the chest wall. The bruise may involve the skin, ribs, or muscles of the chest wall. symptoms include chest pain and swelling. Most chest contusions heal within 2 weeks. Severe injuries may also cause bruising of the heart and lungs.

Symptoms of a chest contusion include:

- Vomiting
- Fumbling

- Throwing at the ground
- Panicking in a games' final 2 minutes
- Whining

Anyone else fearful that down the road we are going to find out that the injury was worse than first reported and that McNabb is going to miss an extended period of time? With McNabb and injuries we have become accustomed to thinking the worst (usually because the worst happens!)

So as of now I would think McNabb is a go for the Bears and probably not Westbrook. After Sunday who knows. But then the question arises...

Are the Eagles better with McNabb and Buckhalter starting or better with Kolb and Westrook starting??

Side Note: Doctors are still working to determine the cause of L.J. Smith and Reggie Brown disappearing during games. The initials reports have each suffering from a case of YOU SUCK!

The Eagles Will Be Laughing Now

I can't blame you Brian...leading a defense that had zero sacks last week on 67 pass attemtps would make me cry too.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Confident In Kolb? Absolutely....

Judging by the fans reaction to McNabb's return to the field during Sunday's 2nd half, the answer to my question is NO, NOPE, NOT THIS YEAR!

When it was announced to the Linc crowd that Kolb was the QB at the start of the 2nd half there was fear and confusion everywhere in the stands. "Where the hell is McNabb?!?" "He got f-ing injured again!" "First Westbrook, then McNabb...f-ing Philly luck!" "Well at least the Phillies are back in first."

And then of course, Kolb proceeded to drop back and toss an interception on his first drive. Houston scrub! Screw the fear and confusion..strictly fear in the faces of Eagle fans now.

Fans around us start asking my dad (who was also listening to the radio broadcast) for updates. "Is McNabb coming back?" "Please give us an update...anything." Unfortunately all my dad could say was chest injury, not sure of the return. And then......

Out of the tunnel came #5. Judging by the fan's reaction it was like Christ himself was rising! Off our seats we came. Clapping, yelling, showing Philly love for McNabb. The season still had a chance, the game still had a chance.

Yea McNabb maybe choked away the Dallas game in the 4th quarter. Then of course fans were quick to jump all over McNabb. The haters were everywhere, again!

But be honest, tell me the McNabb injury didn't bring instant thoughts of a blown 2008 season. Lie all you want to yourself, but you can't deny that the thought was there.

When faced with the possibility of another season with a McNabb injury Eagle fans showed their true feelings for McNabb. Deep down we do appreciate McNabb for everything he has done and for everything he has yet to do for the Eagles. We Eagle fans are truly a smart bunch.

McNabb equals winning on Philadelphia.

And as for Kolb, well, we do have more confidence in you than A.J. Feeley. Last year it was just the opposite. So things are looking up for you too kid!

And of course...Happy Birthday Dad!

What Do They Call Payback?

Remember this? I am sure the Eagles do. Time for some payback...

Saverio is a BONZER

Reid on Rocca: "It all came together toward the end of last year." And we fans thought our only special team weapons this year would be DeSean and Quintin. Wrong! Welcome to the party Saverio!

It's not often you give props to a punter, but Rocca deserves HUGE accolades after the Steelers game:

- Five punts, 44.4-yard average, net of 43.4 yards (meaning only five return yards)
- Nailed a 64 yard punt from his own one, landing the ball at the Steeler 25
- Nailed 54 yard punt, pinning the Steelers at their own 6 yard line
- Pinned the Steelers back again with a 37 yard punt to the Pittsburgh 7

"You don't very often talk about a punter being a weapon, but he was tonight,'' said Andy Reid.

If Rocca can continue this mastery (though consistency has been a problem for him), the Eagles have found themselves an answer to winning the field position battle week in and week out. Pinning the opposition consistently inside the 20 also makes the Eagles D even more powerful.

Let's all have a HOG WASH for Rocca. Philly is MASHED with Rocca..well at least for this week!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Juqua Who?

Many outside of the Philadelphia area may not know who JP is. Juqua Parker, formerly Juqua Thomas, is the starting LDE of the Philadelphia Eagles... and if you want to know a bit more about who he is, ask Ben Roethlisberger, Willie Parker, and Willie Colon.

Colon couldn't handle him, even with help from Miller and Spaeth. Ben and Wille felt the brunt of his ability to disrupt the pass and the run. He opened up inside lanes for Bunk and Klecko, commanded a double team from time to time, and had the Steelers backfield hearing footsteps.

I don't know who in Pittsburgh pissed in JP's Cheerios, but I'm glad it wasn't me.

Who Needs Johnson, Moss, or Williams?

Sure we would love to have any of the three players in Philly, but it is kind of funny that Hank Baskett is putting up better numbers this year than Chad Johnson, Roy Williams, or Randy Moss.

Through 3 Games:
- Chad Johnson: 8 catches, 88 yards, 0 TDs
- Roy Williams: 8 catches, 113 yards, 1 TD
- Randy Moss: 12 catches, 163 yards, 1 TD
- Hank Baskett: 12 catches, 197 yards, 1 TD

I would mention Fitzgerald and Boldin but that would just ruin my argument!

Monday Morning With the Boss

The QB plays hurt. The team is without a top offensive star. The team plays and BEATS one of the league's top teams. The defense plays out of their minds. But, there is a negative side to yesterday's win so I am told by the boss...
  • McNabb saw that Westbrook was out, realized that all the pressure would now be on him, so he faked the extent of his injury. "What better excuse than a chest injury to blame for an ineffective 2nd half."
  • The crowd at the Linc was psyched to see McNabb come back onto the field for the 2nd half (after missing the first 2 offensive drives). After shaking off his first interception, Kolb started getting into a grove and marched the offense down the field. "So Andy Reid must think crap, I gotta get McNabb back on the field before a QB controversy starts." Pull Kolb, insert McNabb, and a quiet week with no controversy.
  • Why does McNabb keep getting hurt, he needs to be more nimble out there. "How about McNabb lays off the weights. What is he on steroids?!? No mobility. QBs shouldn't be that big."

I GIVE UP...... So instead....

Come See Our #1 WR

Well at least for yesterday!

Please join Philadelphia Eagles WR Hank Baskett in conversation with Matthew Quick author of The Silver Linings Playbook

Wednesday, September 24, 2008
6:30 - 7:30 pm
Friends Select School
17th & The Parkway
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Signing by both Baskett and Quick to follow.

Books to be sold by Joseph Fox Bookshop

On Three, Everybody Breathe!

Anyone else spend their lunch listening to the Reid PC? If you did, it was worth it.

The news from Big Andy is that Westbrook is day-to-day with an ankle strain, there is nothing torn in the ankle, and it will be "a race to get him [Westbrook] ready for Sunday."

So everyone can now exhale, the season is not lost.

I say to be safe, sit Westbrook and ride the Buck for the Bears game, then bring Westbrook back for the division game against the Redskins. Or knowing Andy and seeing the Bucs pass 67 times yesterday against the Bears, I am sure McNabb will be letting it fly on Sunday!

And if anyone cared, there were no updates on L.J. Smith's back injury. Despite his absence from the box score, he still plays for the Eagles.

Standing For McNabb

I hope you got it out of your system national media. I no longer want to hear about how under appreciated McNabb is in Philly. I no longer want to hear about how the Eagle fans don't show #5 the love.

Just last week we were forced to AGAIN watch the clip of McNabb being booed on draft day during a Monday night ESPN pregame promo.

After yesterday the national media should SHUT UP!

Not once, but TWICE yesterday McNabb received a standing ovation from the Philadelphia fans. And I mean the WHOLE stadium was standing, cheering, showing their Philly love for McNabb.

The first ovation occurred when it was announced that McNabb had broken the franchise record for TD passes. The second ovation occurred when McNabb returned to the field in the 2nd half (after missing the first 2 drives because of a chest injury).

The national media idiots may find it hard to believe, but we in Philadelphia do appreciate what McNabb has done for the franchise. We also realize that Kolb is no McNabb, and without #5, well there goes our playoff chances.

McNabb we love you. Hopefully the national scene now realizes that too.

Time To Go Hip, Hip, Hooraying

Last week Brian Dawkins said the following:

"No, man, this is Philadelphia. Do you know where we are? This is Philadelphia. There aren't too many people who are going to be cut slack and I understand that. I'm not going to make a big deal of it because I know those same fans that are questioning what I'm doing will be the same fans who will be hip, hip, hooraying when I grab a pick and take it to the house."

Yesterday Brain Dawkins did the following:

Today Eagle Fans are Hip, Hip, Hooraying!

Pass The Buck, Run The Buck

Tick, tick, tick. Eagles nation is collectively holding their breath as we await the results of Brian Westbrook's MRI. Say it with me...please don't be serious, please don't be serious...PLEASE!

I say the Eagles can manage one maybe two games without #36. Anything longer, well our Super dreams could be in some Super trouble.

In the short-term, what should give us confidence is Buckhalter. Buck can't replace Westbrook. Hell, no RB in the entire NFL can replace B-West. Westbrook is simply that good. But there is no reason that Buckhalter cannot fill-in, and fill-in very nicely for Westbrook in the short-term.

Flash back to last years' game against the Giants. In Westbrook's absence, Buckhalter rushed for 100+ yards. Fast forward to yesterday, 43 yards rushing and 44 yards receiving and 1 TD. A Westbrook-like, dual threat performance.

So as we await the MRI results, don't fret yet Philly. Buck is more than capable of carrying the load against the Bears and Redskins. The man carries a career 4.5 y.p.c. average, has twice posted 500+ rushing yards in a season, and has a season career high of 8 rushing TDs. Pretty decent numbers to accompany a dominant McNabb and deep WR group.

Heck maybe even Booker can show us something. I wouldn't hold your breath on that one though!

$4.5 Million For This?!?

Title look familiar? Why change a title if the title still rings true. Now this is just getting ridiculous. L.J. Smith should be embarrassed, ashamed.

We thought Smith sucked last week. At least he managed double digit receiving yards against the Cowboys. Yea it was only 10 yards, but it was 10 more yards then he managed against the Steelers. Smith's line from yesterday: 0 catches, 0 yards.

Yea he was invisible, but it was how he put up those zeros that frustrates this fan. Smith first dropped a pass in the endzone. Then in the second half, after a deflected pass, Smith watched like a helpless idiot as the pass was intercepted by Polamalu. At least show some effort man!

So in three games, our franchise player has 6 catches for 49 yards. Banner must be pissed. $4.5 million for this crap.

The season is still in the early stages. But Smith needs to step-up now! With Westbrook sidelined, the offense will need contributions from everyone. Time to start earning that check Mr. Smith!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

This Steeler Picks His Nose

What is he six years old? I heard of a pick six in football...but a dude still picking his nose?!?

Well according to Sporting News, Steelers WR Santonio Holmes still can't seem to break the habit of picking his nose. If that wasn't a bad enough habit, check further down on the link and you see that Homes also has the habit of allowing himself to be photographed naked!

But back to the nose picking...don't think too hard, anyone else have any idea of what we could flick on Holmes if he were to score a touchdown today? Yes, very gross!

E-A-G-L-E-S, Eagles!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pray For Our Eagles

Funny story...two weeks back we compared the Eagles first opponent, the Rams, to playing against the Little Sisters of the Poor. And wouldn't you know the next day I got an email from the Little Sisters of the Poor (Alabama chapter) letting me know they caught the post.

Good to see that we have Eagle fans in all the right places! After some back and forth with one of the sisters it was promised by her that the Eagles (and of course Bleed Eagles Green) would be in her prayers. (Hi Sr. Paul Mary, lsp)

So is it time to cash in the prayers? Nah, it's only week 3 of the regular season. Plus I think the Eagles offense will put up an easy win against the Steelers tomorrow.

Eagles 31
Steelers 17

Bleeding the Green...Kudos to Al for taking the red eye back from MN today, visiting your best friend's newborn baby, and freeing up your Sunday for the Eagles!

DeSean Aint' Got No Moves...

Yea he dropped the ball at the 1, but even worse, did you see the celebration dance?!?

But T.O. might be worse...

Friday, September 19, 2008

If It's A Close Game...

I hope the Eagle players are doing a better job of getting over the Dallas game than I am...

You read the expert predictions for Sundays game against the Steelers...about 50-50 on who will win. What the majority do agree on is that the game will be close, probably decided in the 4th quarter. Ah crap!

So will it be Monday night all over again? Will the Eagles again be in position for a last minute game-winning drive? I could see it happening. And if it does...security should escort Andy Reid right off the field! Can't move his big butt, well then assure us that Marty is the man talking in Donovan's helmet, calling the offensive plays.

I have had enough of Reid's inability to manage the clock and his inability to put the offense in a position to win with the game on the line. Reid and #5 are like panicked idiots in crunch time. Donovan making rookie mistakes, Reid calling gadget plays or mismanaging his timeouts. So if I gotta pick, give me #5 with Marty calling the plays. Just make sure those plays somehow involve B-West.

I am not predicting doom this weekend for the Eagles. I honestly believe that the Eagles will put away the Steelers pretty easily this weekend.

But if the Eagles some how come up with an L, I am not looking forward to the comments that the Eagles are the best 1-2 team in the NFL. We heard that BS all too much last year, with the Eagles being the best team to not make the playoffs!

Why Reggie Brown Isn't #1

An old face becomes a new face this week. Reggie Brown will be making his season debut on Sunday against the Steelers. As of now the hamstring is ready to go. (I'll truly believe it when kick-off rolls around.)

Everyone should be happy. We are getting one of our starting WRs back. Well don't count me as one of the happy ones.

Listening to the comments from Brown yesterday just reiterates why he will never become a top notch receiver in the league. They man is too complacent. The man doesn't have the confidence or cockiness that accompanies a #1 WR. The man seems too comfortable being just another run-of-the-mill WR. And if things don't work out, oh well, it's not as if Reid would cut him (see Greg Lewis example!).

I could be taking his comments out of context. Maybe the man does have the fire to succeed and maybe this is the year he does. Maybe he is more Marvin Harrison quiet then Chad Johnson or T.O. obnoxious. But I doubt it.

Brown's stats support his tone and comments. He is average, maybe good, but not great. But whatever, we have our #1 WR in Jackson now. And we owe the Jackson discovery in large part to Brown. Without Brown's injury, Jackson might not have had the chance to shine, to show he actually has the make-up of a top WR. So Reggie, you ain't all bad.
  • "I'm going to try to go out there and do my job and not make mistakes."
  • "The receiving corps is looking good; I'm just going to go out there and try not to mess things up."

It's Miller Time

Or whatever else you are drinking...but seriously, Health Miller must be salivating in anticipation of Sunday's game. Look at the numbers for the TEs that have matched up against the Eagles to date:

McMichael (Rams): 5 receptions, 77 yards
Witten (Cowboys): 7 receptions, 110 yards

So I see one of the keys to an Eagles victory as being able to finally shut down the opposition's TE. Whether it is separated or sprained, Ben Roethlisberger is playing with a hurt shoulder. So the Eagles need to take away his safety net. That net is Miller. Make him look to the WRs, which is playing into the strength of the Eagles D.

You say, what about the Steelers running game. Though the Steelers bring a different rushing style attack, I haven't seen anything in the Eagles run defense to cause concern. The Eagles D gave up only 36 rushing yards to the Rams, and only 68 to the girls. In 2 games the opposition has barely cracked the century mark.

So stopping Miller is the key. Can the Eagles do it? Not sure at this point. If they don't we might be looking at a 1-2 start and needing a case of Miller Time to drown our sorrows.

The Eagles have to start solving this TE problem. Next week they see Olsen, then Cooley. What a shame that the Eagles can't match up against L.J. Smith!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thank This Eagle For Matt Cassel

Want an obscure fact that you probably don't really care about...look no further. In the way, way back pages of this week's Sports Illustrated is a column on the Patriots new star Matt Cassel.

And buried way, way towards the end of the column is the mention that the scout responsible for the Patriots drafting Cassel is Matt Russell. And go figure, Russell is now employed by the Philadelphia Eagles as a national scout.

Again, you probably didn't care to know this, but if you read this far, now you know. If you want to read more about Russell, click here for his Bio.

Will Farrior Show Eagle Fans The Same Respect?

Hopefully Farrior has gotten it out of his system. It would not be a wise decision to show Eagle fans the same finger on Sunday afternoon.

The NFL has fined Steelers LB James Farrior $7,500 for showing his middle finger to Cleveland fans during the Steelers-Browns game on Sunday night. The gesture also drew a penalty flag for taunting during the game.

So unless Farrior is letting the Philly fans know that the Eagles are the #1 team in Pennsylvania, he would be best served keeping his emotions in check at the Linc.

Is DeSean Jackson Gizmo Williams?

Two games is not much of a sample to base a decision on. But don't forget there was some preseason action too.

I have heard the following names mentioned over the past month as a player comparison for DeSean Jackson.

Gizmo Williams: Compared because Williams, like Jackson, is a small guy. OK really small guy. Williams was only 5'6'', weighing 185 pounds. In his one NFL season, with the Eagles, Gizmo was used primarily as a return specialist. As a WR he collected only 4 receptions. Williams went on to achieve great fame in the CFL as both a returner and WR. In case you are curious, he is now working as a motivational speaker.

- Na Brown: Compared because Jackson was a stud this past preseason, and well, Brown might have been the Eagles all-time top preseason performer. Unfortunately for Eagle fans, once the regular season rolled around, Brown all but disappeared. In 3 years with the Eagles, Brown had only 34 receptions for 363 yards.

- Freddie Mitchell: Compared because because both WRs ooze cockiness and confidence. Philly never met a player who loved himself more than Fred-Ex. Though their personalities may appear to be similar, at least Jackson has the talent to back-up the mouth. Freddie's mouth ran him out of the league after the 2004 season. Though we probably could of used Freddie on Monday night for another 4th down miracle!

So in comparison, Jackson is better than this collection of past Eagle WRs. Here's hoping in a few years we are making performance comparisons to another former Eagle...you all know who I am talking about.

In Case You Were Wondering: Ryan Moats

Guess everybody deserves another chance? Maybe there is still some talent there. The Arizona Cardinals have announced the signing of Ryan Moats to their practice squad.

The case of Moats was an interesting one with the Eagles. Moats showed such promise with the Eagles in 2005 (278 yards, 5.1 Y.P.C) and then nothing. 2006 his playing time decreased as he failed to grasp the Eagles offense and blocking schemes. And then the 2007 season was lost to injury and in 2008, Moats was cut after the preseason.

This years version of Ryan Moats is Lorenzo Booker. To date, I have seen nothing special from Booker. I always thought that Parcells wouldn't just let talent walk out the door.

It's A Love / Hate Relationship

We love #5, we hate #5. It's not Donovan's fault. It's Donovan's fault. Since McNabb is the QB, the spotlight will always shine the brightest on him. Opinions will always focus on him.

I would not define myself as a McNabb "hater." On the flip side I am not always his biggest fan. I will always be a fan of the team first. I bleed Eagles green, not McNabb green. As a fan I am smart enough to realize how lucky Philly is to have McNabb under center for the past decade. Year in and year out we have one of the league's top QBs. It is a great shame to the fans and also to him that #5 hasn't been surrounded with the offensive talent needed to maximize individual and team success.

With McNabb under center the Eagles will always have that championship chance. He is simply just that talented. I do not want him to leave or get traded following the 2008 season. I would rather he play his entire career in Eagles green. I don't want to start a season without #5, because then that season will be without that championship feeling.

But with all this praise, I was reminded the other night of what I believe to be the greatest fault I find in McNabb. #5 doesn't inspire confidence in me (or many others that I have spoken to) when the pressure in the game is at it's highest.

Honestly, on Monday night when the Eagles needed points in the 4th quarter, were you more Donovan CAN do it or more I HOPE Donovan can do it / I HOPE we don't have a turnover.

Maybe my feelings are in the minority but I tend to doubt it. If I have been burned too many times by the lack of a clutch play or untimely turnover, and since you are watching the same games, then you too have been burned.

In short, when the game is on the line I tend to expect the worst from McNabb (and of course Reid) and then become shocked if things actually do go the way of success.

So it is kind of a "Catch 22" here. As a fan I appreciate everything McNabb does for the Eagles and rank him as one of the top QBs. But oddly enough, such feelings come without much confidence.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wanted: A Pass Rushing DE

Donovan didn't help the cause in the 4th quarter, but the Dallas loss falls at the feet of the Eagles D. 37 points and we still get beat...unacceptable!

The biggest culprit has to be the Eagles front four. To win the Eagles need to be able to generate pressure on the QB with their D line. They can't depend on JJ's creative blitz packages to be the only source of pressure. Someone outside of Cole needs to man-up. Cole is going to be rendered ineffective by constant double teams if the other DEs can't step-up!

Am I surprised by the Eagles lack of a pass rush? No. The Eagles faced the same problem last year. And the same cast of characters return in 2008. Oh wait, we did sign Chris Clemons. Name not sounding familiar...probably because he can't even get his high priced ass on to the field. Can't generate pressure without getting on the field. McDougle might not be doing much in NY, but at least he is getting playing time, giving the starters some rest.

The other culprits are Parker, an average DE at best , and the high-priced bust Howard. Why not give Smith a chance. Maybe rotate Gocong some at DE. Give us something!

I've said it before, we should of traded for Jason Taylor. You cannot honestly tell me that he isn't better than everyone but Cole. Maybe the answer is Abiamiri, but that is too much of a crap shoot. If he is the answer, prayers go out to a very speedy recovery. But a DE coming off a wrist injury is not a recipe for success.

JJ is a defensive genius. If anyone can solve this problem it would be him. I am just not sure the parts are there for a remedy to be found.

Someone Needs to Be Fired...

... at ESPN.

Today, while at a training for work, a coworker received his ESPN text message alert for the day and it read "D. McNabb likely to return by Week 14."

I read it, freaked out, had to be excused from class, and called several people to check the Internet and assure me that nothing crazy happened. I mean, we hadn't even practiced yet and he was fine on Monday.

Bastards almost ruined my day.

A W is only a W If It's a W

I almost fell into the trap.

Yea it was only a Week 2 game. Yea there were plenty of positives to take away from hanging with one of the NFL's top teams. But in the end the Eagles lost the game.

As fans we cannot accept a moral victory. We especially cannot accept a moral victory against the stinking Cowboys. We cannot begin to view losses like wins just because we played so well for 3/4 of the game. Before you know it the Eagles are sporting a losing record and the season is spiraling out of control.

Don't be happy with Monday nights performance. We could and should of won the game.
The Eagles crumbled in a pressure filled fourth quarter. The defense couldn't make a stop and our QB played more like a rookie than a 10 year veteran. The result was a loss. The result was an NFC East rival going 1-0 in the division and the Eagles going 0-1. Football is funny. At the end of the season one win might be the difference between the playoffs or another January at home.

I am fully confident that the Eagles are one of the NFL's top teams. But Eagle fans and players cannot become complacent with moral victories. It's like being happy with just making the playoffs every year.

In Philadelphia the only thing that matters to us now is winning that elusive championship. And the only way that trophy is coming to Philly is to put up Ws that are truly Ws.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Good News Eagle Fans...

Hopefully by this time everyone is realizing that despite the loss, last nights' performance was overall very encouraging.

There are no moral victories, but I feel much more confident this week than last week in knowing that the Eagles are a top team not only in the NFC, but in the entire NFL. Yea there are problems to solve, but they are fixable...so we hope!

So on to the good news. Looks like a banged up Steelers team coming to the Linc...

  • Ben Roethlisberger will be playing Sunday's game with a sprained shoulder. This would probably be better news if the Eagles front 4 could generate a pass rush, but enough negativity from me for one day.
  • Starting DE Brett Keisel is out for Sunday's game with a calf strain.
  • Starting cornerback Deshea Townsend's heel contusion might force him to miss his second game in a row.

And, just imagine the national attention that Philly would receive if we booed the singer of the National Anthem...

4th and 17 Not Impossible

Never, ever take the play calling duties away from Marty again. The game is on the line, 4th and 17.

And what do the Eagles call, a f-ing hook and lateral?!? Who are we, Boise State? Come on Reid, come on McNabb, you gotta throw it past the sticks in this situation. Remember 4th and 26...hell if Freddie can do it...

A Change In the Backfield?

Maybe I am still stung by last night's loss. Maybe I am jumping the gun here. But what if I am not? As painful as it may be to say or realize, could I be right?

Father time is unfortunately catching up with Brian Dawkins and quickly. Dawkins looks a step (OK, a few steps) slow. It could just be one game. Or it could not just be one game. Anyone agree, anyone disagree?

If Dawkins is no longer Dawkins, how can the Eagles correct this? How can the Eagles prevent the opposition from taking advantage of his weakness in coverage? I can't be the only one who saw Dawkins get beat by Owens and Witten last night.

Dawkins can still bring the hits. He can still bring the pain. He is still effective against the run, no doubting that. But when he can't be trusted in coverage, is he more liability than asset?

Here's an idea, how about move Mikell from SS to FS? With Dawkins playing SS the Eagles can maximize his run stopping abilities and worry less about blown coverages. You have to admit, right now Mikell is the stud of the Eagles D. He is quick, he is everywhere, like the Dawkins of old.

Maybe you don't trust Mikell's coverage skills? Maybe get Demps on the field more in coverage downs, instead of Dawkins. Demps may be young, but he does have the speed and coverage abilities to match-up against a TE.

Don't like those ideas? How about finally moving Sheldon Brown to safety? Maybe in a rotation with Dawkins. Brown at safety gets Samuel and Sheppard on the field, and I can think of worse things than having Hanson as your third corner.

Just some ideas. I could be jumping the gun here. Maybe we need more time to make a decision on Dawkins. I would just hate for the opposition to be the ones to continue to point out the Eagles mistake.

Oh yea, one other idea...cut Sean Considine!!!

Not The First Time

There better not be a third time...

First in High School:

Then Last Night:

Despite the stupidity of the act, DeSean became only the second WR in NFL history to post 2 100+ yard receiving games in his first two NFL games. We still love ya, but knock the showboating off!

$4.5 Million For This?!?

Again only week 2. If anything, the Eagles in defeat, showed us that they are a legit force in the NFC. With some work, who knows in this parity filled NFL. No need to get too low after last night's defeat.

But on to my point. We used the franchise tag on this guy? Were we really afraid of losing this guy to other teams? Who else was bidding for his service?!? The guy is getting 4.5 million dollars!

L.J. Smith...is anyone more overrated than this guy? One freaking catch last night. One, that's it. And it didn't come until the 4th quarter. He couldn't beat AARP Zach Thomas! A drop filled week 1 followed by a disappearing act in week 2.

Where is this healthy, top notch, red-zone target we were supposed to be getting back this season? Without a healthy set of WRs we need for Smith to step up for McNabb. Garbage, money down the drain.

And to make the suffering even worse, we are forced to watch a stud TE, Jason Whitten, shred the Eagles D last night.

What a freaking waste. L.J. Smith you are worse than adequate. You are Sean Considine type garbage!

Shut It Jerry Jones

No doubt that I haven't fully gotten over the loss last night. But as I always say irrational today, rational tomorrow.

So I grab today's paper and read the following quote from Cowboys owner Jerry Jones:

"McNabb, by having the experience he's got, is better than his younger years. He's still got that mobility. He does a better job when he gets the ball and doesn't have the turnovers. He was a mess out there for our guys tonight. We were fortunate to win this game and everybody knows it."

Excuse me, doesn't have turnovers?!? What were you refilling your popcorn in the 4th quarter and missed the super tricky, double clutch, fumbled hand-off?!?

Give Donovan his props. In all he had a very strong game. He was even the old elusive McNabb at times.

But for a 10 year veteran, you have to be able to hand the ball off cleanly. You cannot kill a possible nail-in-the-coffin drive by fumbling the ball. No excuses.

There was plenty of blame to go around for last night's defeat. But despite all the missteps, the Eagles had a change to put the game away, but McNabb fumbled that chance away (literally).

Oh and if you are a ten year veteran, you also gotta know better and throw the ball away on that last drive. Throw it out of bounds. You just can't put your team in a 4th and 17 spot.

But I exhale. As I mentioned yesterday, it is only week 2. There are 15 weeks left to go. When predicting the Eagles 2008 record no one had them winning this game. The sky is not falling, the world is not ending.

1-1 after two weeks is what we expected. But when 2-0 is just a hand-off away, boy does this loss sting!

Monday, September 15, 2008

1st Half: Start Your Engines - WOW!

One word...WOW! And it is only halftime!

What we saw (or I saw)...
  • In McNabb's pre-game ESPN spot, of course they showed him getting booed on draft day. Enough already!
  • Sean Considine is this year's Reno Mahe. What the hell is he still doing on the team?!? What the hell is he doing covering T.O.?!? Considine equals bench equals rest of the game!
  • Turnovers is why we pay Samuel the big bucks.
  • What the refs don't know how to call a face mask penalty? Westbrook's head didn't rotate on his own.
  • Westbrook is everywhere. 2 TDs for B-West, 2 TDs for T.O.
  • Lewis, may not be many things, but he is a crafty one. Way to get a pass interference penalty called against you, when you were then one committing the infraction.
  • Even in Spanish the Felix Jones TD is painful to listen to. How does one say Considine sucks in Spanish?
  • We have seen it before...pressure Romo and he crumbles. An interception and a fumble. Was it the pressure or being in a pressure game that made him crumble?
  • We have 3 Pro Bowl caliber cornerbacks and T.O. is being covered by safeties. Dawkins' turn to get burnt for a T.O. touchdown.
  • The Eagles D looks phenomenal against the run. Against the pass...what is the opposite of phenomenal. That's right...sucks!
  • DeSean Jackson, Mr. Reid wants to see you in his office...NOW! Hopefully Jackson gets this showboating crap out of his system now. No surprise to see Jackson on the field to be the first to congratulate Westbrook after his TD. Thanks for covering my ass B-West.
  • O-Line, minus one or two plays, looks Rams game-like. Though it is a nice bonus to have a healthy, scrambling #5. Eli-like in his escapability!
  • The Eagles needed to punch that last drive into the endzone. They cannot be settling for FGs against this high scoring Dallas offense (3 FGs in the first half). Where is this fade to Baskett we keep hearing about?
  • Inexcusable to let Dallas score a last second field goal to close out the half. JJ needs to bring the blitz in the 2nd half.
  • 6 TDs, 4 FGs. On to the 2nd half!

"Throw the F$%^ing Flag"

Did anyone hear Bruschi yell "Throw the f$%^ing flag" on national TV yesterday? I can't find video of it now that RedLasso is shut down and no one has posted it on YouTube yet.

Courtesy of KLINK...

Shawn Andrews Knows Best

I agree with the Big Kid.

"This is like the Monday night game of the 2008 season," guard Shawn Andrews said Saturday. "I can't wait until after we get that W to go home and watch it again. I'm going to act as if I was not at the game, and I'm going to watch it with my turkey burger and my chips and my water."

Maybe substitute a hoagie, some wings, and some beer, but no doubt about the W.

And if the Eagles are going to secure that W, Andrews and his O-line mates will be a big reason why. If the O-line can control the Dallas blitz, Donovan should again be effective with his back-up WR crew. If Andrews and the O-line crumble, well it's going to be a long night of passes hitting the dirt or sailing high.

Here's also hoping that Tony Hunt doesn't miss any key blocks! The health of this team is even more important than a W in week 2.

And course the Dallas media are picking the girls to win. Maybe on his way home, Andrews can knock some sense into them.

4 hours to go!

Random Thought:
How's that #1 pick looking now...the Panthers are 2-0 without Steve Smith. And unfortunately Steve Smith is back for next week's game!

Top Ten Reasons Why The Eagles Are Better Than The Cowboys

I doubt it would be difficult to think of a few more reasons. Tonight is round one....

The QBs and The Numbers

QB is the most important position of the field. Case closed. As the QB goes, so goes the team.

Following such logic, tonight's game will be won or lost based on the play of Romo or McNabb. Strictly looking at the numbers each QB has posted against the other team(regular season), it looks like tonight's winner will be easy to determine.

But come on, is anyone really surprised. Eagles vs. Cowboys is a big-time, pressure filled game, and well, Romo sucks in those games!

McNabb: 11 wins, 5 defeats
Romo: 1 win, 2 defeats

- 279 - 512
- 3281 yards
- 22 TDs
- 12 interceptions
- 66 rushing attempts, 378 yards

- 47-90
- 680 yards
- 4 TDs
- 6 interceptions
- 4 rushing attempts, 58 yards


Tick, tick, tick. A bit over 12 hours to go. At this point half the struggle is over.

Eagle fans made it through an agonizing Sunday without the home team playing. All that is left is to make it through one more day of work, some Monday Night Countdown babble, and then kick-off.

And despite what many of us are thinking this morning, it is not the end of the world if the Eagles don't win the game tonight.

All the pressure falls on the Cowboys tonight. The Cowboys have been anointed the team to beat, they are the paper champs. They carry 13 Pro Bowl players. They are the NFC East Champions. They are playing at home. On and on...

If the Eagles win, everyone will be riding high. But there are still 15 weeks of regular season football to go. If the Eagles lose, everyone will be pissed. But there are still 15 weeks of regular season football to go.

In Philly we want a Championship. To get the elusive Lombardi Trophy the Eagles need to be hot at the end of the season and then scorching as they enter the playoffs. Championships are not won in week 2 of the NFL.

So again I think all the pressure is on the Cowboys tonight. This is a good thing. The past shows us that the girls come up short in pressure situations.

Despite all this I think Westbrook runs wild and Samuel earns his paycheck is a big way.
Eagles 24 Cowboys 13

In Case You Were Wondering:
- Cutting Jerome McDougle still looks like a good move by the Eagles. Jerome recorded a season high 1 tackle yesterday against the Rams. For the season he is still sackless.

What Are the Odds (From Bodoglife.com):
- Which player will average more per punt return in week 2 of the NFL Season?
Adam Jones +110
DeSean Jackson -140

- Terrell Owens Receiving Yards –Week 2
Over/Under 87

- Will Terrell Owens score a Touchdown in week 2 of the 2008 NFL season?
Yes -165
No +135

- Will the winner of the MNF game win the NFC East?
Yes -160
No +130

- Who will have more passing yards in Week 2 of the NFL Season?
Donovan McNabb +12
Tony Romo -12

Sunday, September 14, 2008

NFL: Parity Be Thy Name

When Superbowl hopefuls in Jacksonville start off 0-2, AFC West powerhouse San Diego looks weak for a second week in a row, Peyton's squad in Indy looked pitiful for their first 7 quarters of the season, and the favorites to win the NFC South are upset by the Redskins... parity is truly a force to be reckoned with in today's NFL. The phrase "Any Give Sunday" seems to increasingly gain validity when we see Chicago beat up on Indy or San Diego lose to a Steve Smith-less Carolina team, this week doesn't seem any less interesting.

In this parity filled NFL, it is interesting to be in the most competitive division in the NFC. Dallas, New York, and our Philadelphia Eagles are all considered possible winners of this division and probable playoff teams. With a close battle between NY and Washington last week, this Monday should prove to be another in a series of brutal nail-biters in the NFC East.

Anyone can win any week and we always need to remember that. Look at all the last minute wins and comebacks that have already happened this week. No lead is safe, no team is out of it, play hard, and play smart. May the best team (which is of course, the Eagles) prevail.