Monday, September 15, 2008

1st Half: Start Your Engines - WOW!

One word...WOW! And it is only halftime!

What we saw (or I saw)...
  • In McNabb's pre-game ESPN spot, of course they showed him getting booed on draft day. Enough already!
  • Sean Considine is this year's Reno Mahe. What the hell is he still doing on the team?!? What the hell is he doing covering T.O.?!? Considine equals bench equals rest of the game!
  • Turnovers is why we pay Samuel the big bucks.
  • What the refs don't know how to call a face mask penalty? Westbrook's head didn't rotate on his own.
  • Westbrook is everywhere. 2 TDs for B-West, 2 TDs for T.O.
  • Lewis, may not be many things, but he is a crafty one. Way to get a pass interference penalty called against you, when you were then one committing the infraction.
  • Even in Spanish the Felix Jones TD is painful to listen to. How does one say Considine sucks in Spanish?
  • We have seen it before...pressure Romo and he crumbles. An interception and a fumble. Was it the pressure or being in a pressure game that made him crumble?
  • We have 3 Pro Bowl caliber cornerbacks and T.O. is being covered by safeties. Dawkins' turn to get burnt for a T.O. touchdown.
  • The Eagles D looks phenomenal against the run. Against the pass...what is the opposite of phenomenal. That's!
  • DeSean Jackson, Mr. Reid wants to see you in his office...NOW! Hopefully Jackson gets this showboating crap out of his system now. No surprise to see Jackson on the field to be the first to congratulate Westbrook after his TD. Thanks for covering my ass B-West.
  • O-Line, minus one or two plays, looks Rams game-like. Though it is a nice bonus to have a healthy, scrambling #5. Eli-like in his escapability!
  • The Eagles needed to punch that last drive into the endzone. They cannot be settling for FGs against this high scoring Dallas offense (3 FGs in the first half). Where is this fade to Baskett we keep hearing about?
  • Inexcusable to let Dallas score a last second field goal to close out the half. JJ needs to bring the blitz in the 2nd half.
  • 6 TDs, 4 FGs. On to the 2nd half!


colonel said...

Andy still has problems with the 2 minute drill. At least we got a few points this time, but it should have been a TD, not a FG!

Anonymous said...

Sean Considine IS awful. SO many blown coverages and piss-poor tackles... I don't know what Jim Johnson sees in him. At all.