Friday, September 12, 2008

2004 Team Knew How to Win

So T.O. continues to run his trap. I am actually disappointed in myself for continuing to listen to his comments. Even worse for taking the time to write about them. But since I already started...

Owens claims that this year's Cowboys are "way more talented" than the 2004 Eagles.

I'll give T.O. the fact that he can count to 13 (# of 2007 Cowboy Pro Bowlers). Unfortunately there are no trophies for paper champions. And that is all that T.O. and the Cowboys are.

The 2004 Eagles may not have carried the same star power, but they knew how to win. Prior to T.O.'s arrival the Eagles were coming off 3 straight NFC Championship Game appearances. True they kept getting stuck at that game, but to get there they had to win playoff games.

How many playoff games has Romo won? How many for Wade Phillips? Barber? How many for T.O. the Cowboy? That's right zero!

And why is T.O. talking about the 2004 team anyway? Despite him carrying the Eagles to some regular season success, I have zero doubt that without Owens the Eagles still would have made the playoffs.

When the 2004-05 playoffs did roll around T.O. was hurt. He gets zero credit in my book for getting the Eagles over the NFC Championship Game hurdle. Credit goes to Fred-Ex and Stinky.

When T.O. and the Cowboys win a playoff game they can speak. The same goes for Jessica and Pacman. I am seeing a very quiet January in Dallas this year.

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