Tuesday, September 16, 2008

$4.5 Million For This?!?

Again only week 2. If anything, the Eagles in defeat, showed us that they are a legit force in the NFC. With some work, who knows in this parity filled NFL. No need to get too low after last night's defeat.

But on to my point. We used the franchise tag on this guy? Were we really afraid of losing this guy to other teams? Who else was bidding for his service?!? The guy is getting 4.5 million dollars!

L.J. Smith...is anyone more overrated than this guy? One freaking catch last night. One, that's it. And it didn't come until the 4th quarter. He couldn't beat AARP Zach Thomas! A drop filled week 1 followed by a disappearing act in week 2.

Where is this healthy, top notch, red-zone target we were supposed to be getting back this season? Without a healthy set of WRs we need for Smith to step up for McNabb. Garbage, money down the drain.

And to make the suffering even worse, we are forced to watch a stud TE, Jason Whitten, shred the Eagles D last night.

What a freaking waste. L.J. Smith you are worse than adequate. You are Sean Considine type garbage!


colonel said...

Hey, as Andy was proved right again last night, we don't need a TOP caliber receiver like TO to work with Donovan and win games. NOT!!!!

It hurt everytime I saw TO running down the field with the ball, thinking of what could have been had Andy and Donovan and the smart (NOT!!)Eagles management handled the situation differently.

Say what you want about Jerry Jones, but he was able to do what Banner and Laurie and Reid were unable to do, and we seem to be the loosers.

Anonymous said...

This is why you should NEVER draft a guy from Rutgers! (see also: Mike McMahon).