Monday, September 22, 2008

$4.5 Million For This?!?

Title look familiar? Why change a title if the title still rings true. Now this is just getting ridiculous. L.J. Smith should be embarrassed, ashamed.

We thought Smith sucked last week. At least he managed double digit receiving yards against the Cowboys. Yea it was only 10 yards, but it was 10 more yards then he managed against the Steelers. Smith's line from yesterday: 0 catches, 0 yards.

Yea he was invisible, but it was how he put up those zeros that frustrates this fan. Smith first dropped a pass in the endzone. Then in the second half, after a deflected pass, Smith watched like a helpless idiot as the pass was intercepted by Polamalu. At least show some effort man!

So in three games, our franchise player has 6 catches for 49 yards. Banner must be pissed. $4.5 million for this crap.

The season is still in the early stages. But Smith needs to step-up now! With Westbrook sidelined, the offense will need contributions from everyone. Time to start earning that check Mr. Smith!


Anonymous said...

looking where he spent most of his time during last two games it makes you think that he is gunning for John's spot. The other question why Brent isn't on the field?

justincharlesharlan said...

He wasn't invisible...

On the contrary, he was responsible for a missed RZ opportunity and an interception.