Tuesday, September 16, 2008

4th and 17 Not Impossible

Never, ever take the play calling duties away from Marty again. The game is on the line, 4th and 17.

And what do the Eagles call, a f-ing hook and lateral?!? Who are we, Boise State? Come on Reid, come on McNabb, you gotta throw it past the sticks in this situation. Remember 4th and 26...hell if Freddie can do it...


colonel said...

That play was vintage Andy Reid. I bet he even said at his press conference today: "I need to do a better job...." Unfortunately it won't change.

By the way, where is Freddie these days?

Anonymous said...

Actually, vintage AR would have punted then. He's much more "progressive" now.
As for FredEx, he's sitting by the phone, waiting for the Seahawks to call (Billy McMullen, starting WR?!?) Rumor has it, though, that the Hawks are looking to get Thrash from the Deadskins (and, yes, Thrash really is still playing in the NFL!).