Monday, September 15, 2008

Shawn Andrews Knows Best

I agree with the Big Kid.

"This is like the Monday night game of the 2008 season," guard Shawn Andrews said Saturday. "I can't wait until after we get that W to go home and watch it again. I'm going to act as if I was not at the game, and I'm going to watch it with my turkey burger and my chips and my water."

Maybe substitute a hoagie, some wings, and some beer, but no doubt about the W.

And if the Eagles are going to secure that W, Andrews and his O-line mates will be a big reason why. If the O-line can control the Dallas blitz, Donovan should again be effective with his back-up WR crew. If Andrews and the O-line crumble, well it's going to be a long night of passes hitting the dirt or sailing high.

Here's also hoping that Tony Hunt doesn't miss any key blocks! The health of this team is even more important than a W in week 2.

And course the Dallas media are picking the girls to win. Maybe on his way home, Andrews can knock some sense into them.

4 hours to go!

Random Thought:
How's that #1 pick looking now...the Panthers are 2-0 without Steve Smith. And unfortunately Steve Smith is back for next week's game!

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Gary Knight said...

Glad he's feeling better.