Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Are The Stars Aligning?

Are the stars finally aligning for the Eagles? Could 2008 be THE year for our Eagles? Or is it as Adam Jones said, "They played the Rams, dude."

Well it definitely isn't the later of the three since Jones is an idiot. But it just as well may be the first two. It is still early (OK it is week one early!) in the season, and we are pretty much still guessing on the good and bad teams. BUT, if early results show us anything it is that the Eagles have a chance to be contenders this season if for no other reason than the level of competition around them. By process of elimination the Eagles are looking good.
  • The top dog of them all, the Patriots, are now without the league MVP. Belichick may be a genius, but even this genius ain't winning with Matt Cassell quarterbacking the team. So if the Eagles can escape the NFC, the Lombardi should be there for the taking.
  • The NY Giants looked good in their opener. But I don't see them having the make-up of a dynasty and repeating as champs this year. A champion does not go garbage picking and sign McDougle.
  • For another season the Dallas Cowboys look to be the paper champions. But games aren't won on paper. You can't overlook the fact the both Romo and Wade Phillips are winnless in the playoffs. Can you picture Wade Phillips at a Super Bowl press conference, I can't!
  • Aaron Rodgers is no Brett Favre. Favre couldn't lead the Packers to the Super Bowl in 2007. No way a quarterback who is a rookie in the experience category leads them there.
  • The Vikings. Their downfall can be summarized in two words, Tarvaris Jackson.

So in my opinion (which I admit does have some bias) that leaves the Eagles, Panthers, and the Saints. The upcoming months will show if the stars are truly aligned for our Eagles.

But don't be surprised based on Philly luck (and the all important fact that we own their 1st round draft pick) to see the Panthers riding high this season. Would be just our luck!

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