Friday, September 12, 2008

Battling QBs: Romo vs D-Mac

By Kevin Trainham: So, who is the better Quarterback? Lets put the injuries aside, the playoff wins and losses aside and just look at who the better man for the job truly is.

The first thing I wanted to do was place McNabb on the Boys and Romo on the Eagles. Obviously this cant be done but in my clever imagination it can.

McNabb on the Boys this year HEALTHY would probably make them an all out favorite to win the NFC. That said, they already are with Tony bologna. That leaves Simpsons boy toy on the Eagles.

I believe with Tony Tone the Eagles may not be favorites to win the NFC but I do believe the better chance of the Eagles winning would be greater. How about this.......Donovan McNabb just broke the record for least interceptions thrown in career. Whose record you ask? Oh, well the ever so talented Neil O'Donnell(sarcastic!).

Listen, I realize that you need your QB to win games for you by sometimes not losing them. However, this is the guy who is paid a gazillion dollars and is supposed to be the MAIN MAN in this offense. As he goes so do the Eagles. Well, he doesn't take chances, throw into tight coverages, and plays as if he is Trent Dilfer, not a franchise player.

Romo WILL take a shot and WILL throw the ball into tight areas. Will he make mistakes? Yes, sure he will. Will he win a lot of games? Looks like it to me.

McNabb's most productive season came when he had T.O. Owens caught TDs and all was well. Terrell on the Boys has produced the same results for Romo. Career stats have Romo ahead of McNabb in QB rating and TD passes in a season. He has thrown more picks then McNabb on avg but so has John Elway, Joe Montana, etc.

Lets get back to McNabb and how he has lack of support from his wideouts. Donovan has an INCREDIBLE offensive line. Its something Randall Cunningham would have killed for! When you have great protection it really doesn't matter who you have out there, someone should be open. There have been guys on the Eagles(Reggie Brown, Na Brown, FredEX, Pinkston, LJ Smith) who have all said "hey man, I'm open". You have to throw the ball into tight coverage Don!

I said I would leave playoff records out of this but I know someone will throw the argument at me, so I got to cover it a little.

McNabb has won a few playoff games. Also, he has played in more and in those games he never was the guy who put them over the top. Matter of fact, in the biggest pressure moment of all, he had a panic attack and threw up all over the football field.

In conclusion, I think that both guys are big time talents. Romo still has room to improve while I believe Mcnabb has reached as far as he can get. If you ask me who I believe the better QB is I will tell you that he is not the one who is eating his Mommys soup. He would be the one who is eating the Chicken By The Sea!

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