Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Change In the Backfield?

Maybe I am still stung by last night's loss. Maybe I am jumping the gun here. But what if I am not? As painful as it may be to say or realize, could I be right?

Father time is unfortunately catching up with Brian Dawkins and quickly. Dawkins looks a step (OK, a few steps) slow. It could just be one game. Or it could not just be one game. Anyone agree, anyone disagree?

If Dawkins is no longer Dawkins, how can the Eagles correct this? How can the Eagles prevent the opposition from taking advantage of his weakness in coverage? I can't be the only one who saw Dawkins get beat by Owens and Witten last night.

Dawkins can still bring the hits. He can still bring the pain. He is still effective against the run, no doubting that. But when he can't be trusted in coverage, is he more liability than asset?

Here's an idea, how about move Mikell from SS to FS? With Dawkins playing SS the Eagles can maximize his run stopping abilities and worry less about blown coverages. You have to admit, right now Mikell is the stud of the Eagles D. He is quick, he is everywhere, like the Dawkins of old.

Maybe you don't trust Mikell's coverage skills? Maybe get Demps on the field more in coverage downs, instead of Dawkins. Demps may be young, but he does have the speed and coverage abilities to match-up against a TE.

Don't like those ideas? How about finally moving Sheldon Brown to safety? Maybe in a rotation with Dawkins. Brown at safety gets Samuel and Sheppard on the field, and I can think of worse things than having Hanson as your third corner.

Just some ideas. I could be jumping the gun here. Maybe we need more time to make a decision on Dawkins. I would just hate for the opposition to be the ones to continue to point out the Eagles mistake.

Oh yea, one other idea...cut Sean Considine!!!

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