Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Confident In Kolb? Absolutely....

Judging by the fans reaction to McNabb's return to the field during Sunday's 2nd half, the answer to my question is NO, NOPE, NOT THIS YEAR!

When it was announced to the Linc crowd that Kolb was the QB at the start of the 2nd half there was fear and confusion everywhere in the stands. "Where the hell is McNabb?!?" "He got f-ing injured again!" "First Westbrook, then McNabb...f-ing Philly luck!" "Well at least the Phillies are back in first."

And then of course, Kolb proceeded to drop back and toss an interception on his first drive. Houston scrub! Screw the fear and confusion..strictly fear in the faces of Eagle fans now.

Fans around us start asking my dad (who was also listening to the radio broadcast) for updates. "Is McNabb coming back?" "Please give us an update...anything." Unfortunately all my dad could say was chest injury, not sure of the return. And then......

Out of the tunnel came #5. Judging by the fan's reaction it was like Christ himself was rising! Off our seats we came. Clapping, yelling, showing Philly love for McNabb. The season still had a chance, the game still had a chance.

Yea McNabb maybe choked away the Dallas game in the 4th quarter. Then of course fans were quick to jump all over McNabb. The haters were everywhere, again!

But be honest, tell me the McNabb injury didn't bring instant thoughts of a blown 2008 season. Lie all you want to yourself, but you can't deny that the thought was there.

When faced with the possibility of another season with a McNabb injury Eagle fans showed their true feelings for McNabb. Deep down we do appreciate McNabb for everything he has done and for everything he has yet to do for the Eagles. We Eagle fans are truly a smart bunch.

McNabb equals winning on Philadelphia.

And as for Kolb, well, we do have more confidence in you than A.J. Feeley. Last year it was just the opposite. So things are looking up for you too kid!

And of course...Happy Birthday Dad!

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Anonymous said...

If you think McNabb choked away the Dallas game. You are an idiot.