Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Cowboy Fans Are Fun

Probably not my wisest move to poke fun at a Cowboys fan, but honestly what's wrong with a little fun.

This morning I pointed out the below facts to Cowboys fans on two fan sites:
  1. T.O., who is supposedly always motivated to shine against his former team (in response to a post), was held to 2 catches when the teams last meet in December 2007. To see the responses of the Cowboy fans click here. I especially enjoyed being called one of Reid's druggie sons (of course they spelled druggie wrong!). Extremebrian is my post name.
  2. Despite their win over the Browns, one cannot overlook the fact that the Cowboys were playing one of the league's worst pass defenses. No responses, but please click here to follow the thread.

It is going to be a fun week. Please don't let me down Eagles!


Anonymous said...

haha. Cowboy fans are idiots!

Anonymous said...

Cowgirls suck!