Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Crayton? Crayton!

I can't stand the Negadelphia BS in this town. Today I was told told that this guy is better than ANY wide receiver on the Eagles by a SUPPOSED Birds fan. He said that this glorified punt returner was significantly better than Reggie Brown and at least as good as Curtis.

Either people listen to too much Cataldi or they drink WAY too much!


chris klinkner said...

some people are idiots! granted we are missing curtis, but when he comes back, as a whole our receivers are pretty damm good. top to bottom we have the best WRs in the NFC East...good post!

Anonymous said...

Amen, Chris Klinkner

Anonymous said...

The idiots commenting on the Wrs on the same idiots who are always calling for McNabb to be released.

justincharlesharlan said...


I wouldn't mind a lights out guy at WR, but one isn't out there. but it's obvious that the Birds WR corps is good. Any of them get cut and they'd be picked up in a day, two tops.

Dallas has TO then... nobody (granted that Witten is a beast). The Giants have Plexiglass (who is mostly good because he's tall and can jump), an aging Toomer, and the worst starting TE in the division. The Skins have Santana "What happened to me?" Moss and Antwan "I'm also just a punt returner" Randle El, with a solid TE and two soon to be named draft busts.

Overall, I'd say that calling our WRs good is not an overstatement.

I wish people would turn FATaldi off if they can't decipher truth from malarky.

Anonymous said...

Crayton is a joke. Known more for running his trap then doing good things are the field.

Anonymous said...

Call me when the Cowboys WRs actually win a playoff game. Romo is a Homo!