Thursday, September 18, 2008

Is DeSean Jackson Gizmo Williams?

Two games is not much of a sample to base a decision on. But don't forget there was some preseason action too.

I have heard the following names mentioned over the past month as a player comparison for DeSean Jackson.

Gizmo Williams: Compared because Williams, like Jackson, is a small guy. OK really small guy. Williams was only 5'6'', weighing 185 pounds. In his one NFL season, with the Eagles, Gizmo was used primarily as a return specialist. As a WR he collected only 4 receptions. Williams went on to achieve great fame in the CFL as both a returner and WR. In case you are curious, he is now working as a motivational speaker.

- Na Brown: Compared because Jackson was a stud this past preseason, and well, Brown might have been the Eagles all-time top preseason performer. Unfortunately for Eagle fans, once the regular season rolled around, Brown all but disappeared. In 3 years with the Eagles, Brown had only 34 receptions for 363 yards.

- Freddie Mitchell: Compared because because both WRs ooze cockiness and confidence. Philly never met a player who loved himself more than Fred-Ex. Though their personalities may appear to be similar, at least Jackson has the talent to back-up the mouth. Freddie's mouth ran him out of the league after the 2004 season. Though we probably could of used Freddie on Monday night for another 4th down miracle!

So in comparison, Jackson is better than this collection of past Eagle WRs. Here's hoping in a few years we are making performance comparisons to another former all know who I am talking about.

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